The Beauty Trends Of 10 Years Challenge Have Changed


Beauty trends of 2019-It looks like the period of ten years is not an extended period to make comparisons regarding beauty. You would not be able to tell whether the picture of a person got taken in the year 2019 or 2009. Even then the changes that take place in ten years have affected something more significant than the style of clothes and our makeup.

Here we have decided to take part in the ten years challenge in which we are going to compare the beauty trends of our ladies from the year 2009 to 2019. The look of these ladies would not have changed so much.

Tan skin vs. natural skin

Beauty trends of 2019

Many celebrities like Victoria Beckham were fond of fake tan skin in the year 2009. Since that time some tanning salons got opened. Nowadays, celebrities prefer their natural look.

Matte vs. glossy

According to Pinterest,  there are effects of wet skin which will become one of the most significant makeup trends in the year 2019. Whereas in the year 2009, matte skin was in the direction.

Asymmetric haircuts vs. baby bangs

In the year 2009, pixy cut or Bob cut were in trend. Approximately ten years ago, many celebrities like Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, and Paris Hilton experimented different hair lengths. Nowadays, the leading hair trend is the baby bang, blunt cut, short hair, and curtain bang.

Eternal youth vs. smart aging

At the end of the 2000s, fillers and Botox were at the peak of popularity. We remember the celebrities who were fond of beauty injections to get smooth foreheads, strained smiles, and frozen facial gestures. Nowadays, smart aging is in trend. In these days, women remain beautiful without hiding their real age.

Dying vs. natural graying

I the year 2009, there was only a few women who do not dare to dye their gray hair which is the sign of their old age. The gray hair depends upon genetics. The gray hair does not mean to your old age. In the year 2016, the trend to keep gray hair appeared.

Coffin shaped nails vs. almond-shaped nails

The fashion of nails is continually going on change. Coffin shaped nails were in trend in the year 2009. Nowadays, short almond nails are in the pattern.

Ultra blonde vs. Pantone

In the year 2009, bleached blonde hair got preferred by many celebrities. The celebrities like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Taylor Momsen have become ultra blinders, and their fans have followed their example. In the present year 2019, celebrities prefer more natural hues. For example, in the hair colors, Pantone pastel hues have become extremely trendy.

Complicated makeup vs. simple makeup

We are living behind the smoky eyes, sculpting, and complicated combinations of colors. We adopt simplicity in make-up nowadays. The latest trends of the current year 2019 have got named by make-up artists like accentuated eyes and lips, brown colors of lipsticks, blue hues for eyeshadows, mono make-up, dots and strokes, and flicks of different sizes and shapes.

90-60-90 vs. body positivity

While you are studying fashion trends, we concluded that in the last ten years, the world had changed a lot. We felt impossible to find the models in the year 2009 like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham on the magazine covers of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Nowadays to accept oneself in the way as they are has become the trend. In the current year, the models with different beauty standards appeared on the cover pages of magazines and also host TV shows. It is great.

Regular cosmetics vs. eco – friendly

We paid more attention to the brand and price of the lipstick when we bought it in the year 2009, but now we prefer natural ingredients in the cosmetics. Nowadays, skincare is essential for us than makeup. When American and European women choose certain cosmetics, there is a more decisive factor. This particular factor is eco-friendly packaging.

In the present year, beauty trends of 2019 are about simplicity and eco-friendliness. A modern woman firstly wants to be healthy and beautiful. It is because nowadays women are giving up on gray hair dying, beauty injections, tanning, and pushup bras.