Woman, person, black and white and monochrome HD photo by Alora Griffiths ( aloragriffiths) on Unsplash
Woman, person, black and white and monochrome HD photo by Alora Griffiths ( aloragriffiths) on Unsplash

Are you thinking about getting yourself in better shape? Are you motivated due to the well-known ”New Year-new me” resolutions? Women who are thinking about going to the gym or even those who only need some cute and practical outfits will love this article. Here, we will help you pick out your perfect OOTD gym appropriate outfits which will give you motivation for your workouts, and excuses to take some cute pictures.

Top 7 Places To Shop For Active Wear


You can find pretty much anything on ASOS, even retailers such as Puma or Reebok. Everything you find on there is pretty much also available for plus size women, and the site features sizes up to 26. ASOS is not the most affordable choice but is quite loved and appreciated since it offers diversity and quality for both men and women.

This two-piece set by Puma will give every girl confidence and will look feminine on everyone due to the two-colored black & white print. It is also cute for when walking out the dog or spending some time at the park.

Available on Asos


This brand was created by actress Kate Hudson and has been getting a lot of recognition lately. The store opened up in 2013 and grew even bigger around Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia. One of their biggest perks is their VIP program which lets you in on the biggest and prettiest clothes each fifth of the month, with a lot of discounts and special benefits.

If you are not too sure what to get how about you give these bright blue leggings a chance? The top which states ‘cute af’ isn’t too bad looking either, and is perfect at boosting your confidence level when working out at the gym.

Available on Fabletics

Good American

Good American is founded by Khloe Kardashian who also used to be a plus size woman. Khloe used to work out a lot at the gym which made her realize how much she loved fitness, which is why she opened up her fashion line. Good American is a brand which is mostly focused on making  plus size women look beautiful.

You can try out these black & red leggings which have ‘Good American’ written on the sides. Khloe’s line is quite expensive, but you will get your money’s worth since these will last you for years and years to come.

Available on Good American


Grrrl is a brand which is all about women’s body positivity, good looks, and cute clothing. They empower every woman to love her body, and they have a lot of clothing options for everyone. Grrrl is highly against photoshopping their clothes or women, so they give every customer a raw and uncut experience, which is what we love about them.

You might love these all black leggings since they will make your legs appear slimmer. Very comfy and ideal for everyday wear, but definitely when working out. The cute ‘grrl’ pattern written on the side will look ideal if you need a feminine touch to the outfit.

Available on Grrl


At Macy’s, you can find several different brands at a relatively affordable plus, yet perfect for plus size beauties. Macy’s is a USA brand which also ships globally. You can choose your gym gear, but you can also shop for your husband and make him your gym partner as well!

You can and should add a pop of color to your wardrobe. If you usually wear only black, then it might be time for you to step out of your comfort zone and reach for these bright leggings. These leggings with flower print details will look the best on those who love to show off their legs, and who want to look feminine when working out.

Available on Macy’s


Nordstrom is quite busy throughout the year because they are one of the biggest resellers for many famous brands. On their site, you can find a lot of Nike and Adidas, but also Beyond Yoga which is our personal (yet affordable favorite).

These peach colored leggings will give you sass you didn’t even know you had! Although usually being quite expensive, Beyond Yoga retails for lower prices here on Nordstrom, which is a great solution for you. You can wear these leggings with a white top and some white sneakers and enjoy any activity.

Available on Nordstrom

Charlotte Russe

Lastly, you can wrap up your look with this oldie but a goodie brand. Charlotte Russe has been running for decades (since 1975), and have been making women worldwide happy. Specialized in women’s items, and also ideal for plus size beauties.

This two-piece hot & bright neon set will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and to embrace what you are working with! This lime color looks fun & vibrant, ideal for those who don’t love the conservative.

Available on Charlotte Russe