8 Buttons That Would Bring A Positive Change In Your Life The Answer Will Reveal Your Personality


The color indicates your personality-Well, for the formation of a rainbow we need a white light along with the prism. Now when the sun rises, but a few water droplets are there in the air, then the water drops act as the prism and the sunlight as the white light. This white split into seven colors that are general and primary to indicate. Same colors we can find in our surroundings. They are around us and thus makes our life colorful enough.

The colors that we have chosen have a direct connection to the state of our mind. But all this work relates to science. Now we are to tell you that your favorite color indicates a lot about your personality.

Here we give a simple invitation test of color which will provide a sign that what you require to do if you want to be happy than now.

This is how your favorite color indicates your personality

Everything that you require will be out when you will choose to press one button out of the above-given colors. It would surely turn you into a positive life.


A person choosing a red color is full of determination. He is ready to give anything to the world, and thus they always want to be heard, noticed, and recognized. They want everything perfect in their life. And hence they do a lot of hard work for that. Thus it will turn you a best employee and partner.


A person choosing a red color indicates that he has an optimistic approach towards his life. He is always confident and assertive. They are never afraid to take risks in his life. And then later he would have to manage to be sensible and rational at other cases. You feel aware of your capabilities always, and hence you are still ready to do anything and use it to the fullest.

How orange color indicates your personality

You even enjoy small successes in your life. Little things matter a lot to you. You always understand that when you have to achieve anything significant, then you have to start it from small possibilities. Thus you need to focus on the details and always try to gather a chance to gain that.

How green color indicates your personality

Green is the symbol of the permanent fight. You want to be free and safe on the other side. You always keep a balance in your life. Thus it would turn you a good friend. You are a good partner and a companion. But in life, there is one thing that you must follow. In case you want equilibrium, then you might forget many other things that would matter to you the most.

How pink color indicates your personality

The present time for you is full of pleasant things, and you even know everything about it. You never take anything coming into your life as granted, rather you enjoy every moment in your life and hence live your life to the fullest. Thus, you need to stay headed always, but your feet must still be there on the ground. But later it would be difficult for you to come down then. Now it is your choice to follow the way.


Choosing the purple color indicates that you have reached the dreamful life where you always wanted to be. Now, you are full of confidence and self-esteem. Thus you must have some faith to complete your desires and goals. Hence we have tried to keep with you for a long time. You always know you deserve something and therefore you ever decide to use the knowledge for your benefits. Do not become a sensitive person in that case.


It is the right balancing color of your life. You always properly appreciate your living. Thus it is essential for you to reach your goals. It would be difficult for you to enter the eternal balance, but your hard work can lead to it. You always try to be composed and poised in your way for the loved ones.


Rationality becomes the second name in your life. They love to keep head clear and feet on the ground. Thus it would turn you to look cold with a distant, but with that, you will even know how sensitive you are.