Best Pair Of Plus Size Jeans

Best Pair Of Plus Size Jeans

Finding the ultimate pair of jeans can be a living struggle since they are always lacking in one out of several different departments. If they are comfy enough they are not pretty, if they are pretty they are not too stretchy, if they are too stretchy, they are poor quality, but if they are real denim then they are overpriced, etc. This is why women have been struggling with finding both comfort and style at a reasonable price, and which is why we’ve gathered the list of the best 3 pairs that you should look into. These are ideal for your long days, party nights, or even your business meetings! However, some are better than others, so find out their pros & cons by reading the text below!

Levi’s Classic Straight Jean

Levi's Straight Plus Size Jeans
Levi’s Straight Plus Size Jeans

Who Are They For?

These are the perfect jeans for the mom who is always on the go and are ideal if you need multifunctionality. Since they are quite stretchy, loose and comfy, they can come in handy during your 9-5 working hours, but will also transform you into a dancing queen the moment you get off work. You can pair them up in several different ways and enjoy both casual and night out moments.


Made out of 60% Cotton, 22% Viscose, 16% Polyester and 2% Elastane. They feature a zipper closure and handy pockets which every girl will appreciate, especially if you are not that keen on carrying bags or clutches. These are mid-stretch denim jeans with a straight leg which will look the best on those who have bigger and stronger calves. This fit is ideal if you want to make your legs appear longer and a lot slimmer.

How To Wash and Style?

When it comes to washing them, make sure you wash and dry them inside out. Liquid detergent is also recommended. These come in 10 different colors which means that everyone will find their ideal match easily. You can wear these jeans with a formal blouse during your work hours, but you can also tone them down with a deep V top and some kitten heels when going out.



– Can be worn to many different events

– Easy to move around in

– Ideal for women who want to enhance their legs and appear taller

– Easy to style

– Feature a zipper as well as pocket details

– They come in 10 different color options


– A bit expensive since they are Levi’s, but will last you for quite some time since they are high-quality

Hybrid & Co Women’s Butt Lift Stretchy Denim Jeans

Hybrid & Co. Women's Butt Lift Super Comfy Stretch Denim Skinny Yoga Jeans
Hybrid & Co. Women’s Butt Lift Super Comfy Stretch Denim Skinny Yoga Jeans (Available in Plus Size)

Who Are They For?

These skinny jeans are ideal for those who need comfort and mobility. These are the perfect ‘girl-next-door’ pants which will suit the best those women who feel confident in skinnier and tighter clothing. If you want to look skinnier and you love to wear bold jeans, these will suit your style. Also, they are quite attention-seeking, which is something you should know before you purchase your next pair.


Made out of 76% cotton, 22% polyester, and 2% spandex. These skinny jeans are quite comfortable, and they have an interesting feature – they are butt-boosting and lifting. Not that many pants can do that, which makes these unique and a must-have if you are into butt-shaping clothing items. Not only that, but they are also great at sculpting your body and tucking away your tummy while enhancing your feminine curves! These are some high-quality yoga pants which you can get in over 30 different and vibrant, as well as basic color options.

How To Wash And Style?

You can wash these in hot water with liquid detergent and then air dry. Based on the color you get, you will know how to style them. Surely if you go for the neon green, you can’t really wear it to the office, but you can wear them as your statement disco pants when at the club. However, if you go for a solid black pair, you will be able to pull them off during any event.



– Over 30 different color options

– Comfy

– Stretchy

– Butt lifting

– Ideal if you love to wear skinny clothing


– Lightweight material

– Might be better for younger women due to their skinny and casual fit

VIP Jeans

V.I.P. JEANS Women's
V.I.P. JEANS Women’s (Available in Plus Size)

Who Are They For?

These VIP jeans are for those women who want to feel very important and who don’t mind the attention-seeking looks. These are ideal for younger women and party freaks who love to have fun. If you love ripped details and if you want to look like you are off to the next big party you are going to love them! Also, women who love to show off some skin, as well as their ankles, will have the most fun in this pair.


These ripped jeans feature a zipper closure and are made out of 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex. They are quite stretchy and comfy while providing that relaxed fit. The ripped and chic look will give out a stylish and casual vibe which every woman will adore. These come in 5 different denim colors and will look the best on women who love to go for bold & risky styles. Its ankle length is most appropriate for Spring & Autumn, and these are not the best idea for cold winters due to their ripped holes.

How To Wash And Style?

Use the sandblasted wash technique. Style them per your will and based on the event where you are headed. However, know that these are the ultimate night out pants and that they will look the best on women who love to enjoy their spare time, cocktail night outs, or even romantic night outs at the club!



– Ideal for partying

– Very bold and attention-seeking

– They look super pretty and stylish

– Cute cropped ankle length

– Zipper and pocket details


– Not the best choice for colder weather

– Only 5 different denim options

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