Crazy Simple Face Masks For All Your Skin Troubles



Face masks-All the ladies in the world yearn for flawless, smooth and soft skin but some of us are genetically gifted in the department, but unfortunately, that’s not most of us. Most of us have to work hard to take care of those dark spots, dark circles, acne, dryness, oiliness, and a dozen other stuff we suffer from. If you know the struggle, you should look at what we have to offer.

Hold off on buying that expensive skin care products you saw on TV, which could end up worsening your skin with all its chemical-clad properties until you’ve tried our much cheaper and easier alternative. The mask we suggest is mostly natural and extremely powerful when it comes to skin troubles!

The preparation of this mask is pretty straightforward, all you need are these simple three additives (honey, egg and milk powder) which is no burden on the pocket and extremely easy to find, wherever you may live. Here is how to proceed:

Homemade Face masks

Homemade Face masks

Here are best Homemade Face masks

Cleansing Mask:

Combine the honey with an egg and a teaspoon of powdered milk till you get a nice homogeneous paste. Then apply the paste on your face, leave it on for around 15 minutes and then wash it off with luke-warm water. This face mask helps to get rid of all the hidden impurities that are present on your face.

Moisturizing Mask:

Crack an egg, and separate the egg yolk from the egg-white. To the yolk, add a few drops of almond oil and a couple of tablespoons of honey until you get a consistency that you can comfortably put on your face. Apply it on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes before cleaning it off with luke-warm water. This creamy mask is very efficient in hydrating your pores and skin and is perfect for those who are troubled by skin and pore dryness. It is sure to leave you with a soft, smooth and glowing skin.

So, stop waiting for the magic to happen by itself and begin using these effective masks and you’ll get gorgeous and radiating skin in no time.