Like any other beach gear, a beach chair should be comfortable, lightweight, functional, and turn heads. You want something that can hold your weight perfectly and give you the poise you looking for.

Whether you want to sunbathe on the beach or read a book, there is a seat designed for each purpose. Class is also very important for every beach enthusiast. You cannot just bring a flimsy and ugly-looking seat on your beach trip.

The beach is somewhere you have fun and make beautiful memories so everything should be in perfect condition.

So below are a few tips you need to consider when shopping for the perfect beach chairs to relax on while enjoying the beach.


The beach chair you opt for should be lightweight and easy to carry around. Seashores are meant to be fun, and dragging a bulky object over the sand isn’t fun at all.

Every gear you take to the beach should be portable and easier to use. This minimizes fatigue, so you can direct all your energy to create fun moments instead.

Additionally, choose the compact and foldable form. This way, you can easily fit it anywhere you want.


These seats come in different designs to choose from. If you’re are planning to sunbathe on the beach the lounger-style might be the right pick.

The lounger allows you to take up a sleeping angle on your back that is so relaxing. On the other hand, a standard folding style might be ideal if you plan on reading a book while relaxing.

There are more other designs available, each type with unique features and pitch. All you need is to choose one that suits your speed.

Extra accessories

Functionality and convenience are key qualities when looking for a beach seat. Look out for fun extras like pockets, cup holders, and storage pouches when shopping for the right seat.

These extras can make your stay at the beach even cooler. You can use these multiple storage pockets to store drinks, snacks, or magazines underneath.

While you can still use your chair without these accessories, having these extra features makes your chair more convenient. See this link to read more

Shouldn’t take up much space

Choose a seat that can easily fit your boot when parking. Packing for the beach can be so exhausting, especially when you have kids.

You would want to have all the essentials in one place for easier movement. Foldable designs are convenient and easy to carry. They are also easier to pack and can fit even in the tiniest boot.

Thankfully, most beach chairs are foldable, meaning you don’t have to search so far to find one. In the event you come across a non-foldable one, we suggest you look for another.

Elements resistant

Elements like sunlight and beach water can quickly destroy most fabrics. When fabrics are exposed to too much sunlight, they tend to fade and lose their appeal.

Likewise, salty water from the beach may speed up metal rusting. This why we recommend purchasing seats whose fabrics are UV and rust-resistant.

Wood, for instance, can withstand the salinity and humidity of the beach making it the perfect material. Finally, ensure the material used is mold and mildew-resistant.

Weight carrying capacity

Before choosing a seat consider the weight and the sitting capacity. There are seats designed for kids while others are designed for adults.

Plus, each of these designs features a different weight capacity. For example, the average weight capacity for a seat designed for kids is approximately 100lbs. An adult seat will have a weight capacity of around 200lbs or more.

Choose a seat depending on your size or the age of the person who will be using it. The last thing you want is to buy a seat then break it as soon as you have sat on it. Click here to see more.


If you’re still not sure whether or not to purchase a beach seat, think again. Not only does it give you comfort but also adds value to your stay at the seashore. While buying a beach seat is easy, considering most of them are compact and foldable, there are things to factor in before opting for one. If you’re serious about making memories at the seashore, you may want to choose a sustainable and functional brand above everything else.