If you are looking for the right gift that could work for anyone, whether your boss at the office or your in-laws this festive season, you may want to go for funny fashion apparel. And you don’t have to think too hard when shopping for custom design clothing. It is easy to find one that is right for the occasion and individual.

Before shopping for apparel for a gift item, you should think clearly about who you are shopping for. For fashion pieces, there are things you want to consider when shopping for the right fit. You will have to have the right size and know what type of outfits are appealing to the individual.

But you wouldn’t have to do much when in the market for funny graphic prints like the zero fucks given and many others you will find suitable for any occasion. (maybe you want to try something else for your boss. As I can’t guarantee you won’t get fired from work, telling your boss zero fucks given).

How to Shop for the Right Gift

When selecting the best gift for a friend or family member, you should think closely about what they like the most. If you are shopping for someone you are close to, like a partner, sibling, child, parent, or friend, you must find out what they want. And there are ways to determine what they may be interested in receiving this year.

You could take the bull by the horn and ask them directly what they will like for Christmas for their birthday. But this will most certainly spoil the fun out of a surprise gift. If you want the surprise effect intact, you could check their social media to see the type of products they interact with the most. You could also scoop out items on their shopping wish list and make their dreams come true by having them delivered to their doorsteps.

What to Look for in a Funny Apparel?


You will find millions of fashion items that could fit into the funny apparel category online, making it difficult to make your choice. But if you give it a little thought, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You could start by identifying what your idea of “funny” is and comparing it against what the recipient thinks of a joke.

While “zero fucks given” or “Tap that bass” inscribed on tee-shirt may be inappropriate for a work gift, you could also find some that will work. And if you are serious about getting it right, how about going for a custom design. You can get custom printed funny apparel designed to your specification. Have anything funny to say or draw? You get the liberty to do as you wish. The link here https://www.thebalancecareers.com/faqs-about-giving-gifts-in-the-workplace-3515608 has more on picking the right work gift.

But before you go selecting just any fashion piece for a gift item, when in the market for funny apparel, you want to ensure that it is

Age Appropriate

You should be careful when shopping for graphic tees and gift items for kids. If there are any inscriptions on them, you should check that they are not unnecessary offensive. The use of foul words and violent arts imprinted may be okay for teens but should not be considered for kids.

No Discrimination

You also want to be careful to avoid those with any form of discrimination against any gender, race, or religious group. The aim is to find something amusing and not one that would stir confusion in public places.

Check General Features

While in the market for funny apparel, you want to emphasize other features too. It is easy to get carried away with the graphic design or appeal of the item. If you are shopping for clothes, you shouldn’t overlook material quality, sizing, and if the print colors would come off in the first wash. There are more tips here on what to look for in the right gift.

Final Note

You should also do well to budget appropriately when in the market for a gift. Many inexpensive fashion pieces could pass for funny apparel. You may only need to do a little digging online. And if you know how to use review sites to do your shopping, there shouldn’t be any worries.