Every detail is important in the interior of a small bedroom – be it the choice of furniture, the amount of natural light, the color of the walls, or the texture of materials. For you to employ the space in the best way, we have compiled a list of tips to help you optimize your space and turn a small room into your dream bedroom.

Lifehack #1 – Choose the Right Furniture

In a small bedroom, the choice of furniture is just crucial. The furnishings must match the size of the room – it is important to leave free space in the room so that it is easy to move inside. For example, you can attach a shelf to the wall instead of a bulky bedside table or opt for a bed with built-in storage.

Lifehack #2 – Consider Using Hanging Furniture

In a small bedroom, it is better to avoid using bulky furniture in order to save as much free space as possible. Replace bedside tables with sleek wall-mounted shelves and tall stacks with open structures. Besides that, you should also pay attention to the wall cabinets and consoles.

Lifehack #3 – Paint Walls in Clean, Calm Colors

Light shades will make your room visually spacious and add air to it, whereas dark colors will make it seem smaller than it really is. White is always a safe bet, but any pastel shade will work just as well. If you still want to add vibrant colors, then use the chosen color for one wall and leave the other three for a more subdued shade.

Lifehack #4 – Minimize the Decor

Do not overload the room with unnecessary items; this will create a sense of clutter. Go for a sleek, minimalist design. A framed painting or photo, two bedside lamps, matching accessories and multiple decorative pillows for a bold accent – this is what you may need. In addition to functionality and comfort, individuality is also important in the interior. Photos, posters, vases, candles, books, artwork, and other details will help personalize the space to the max.

Lifehack #5 – Use Wall Shelves to Free up Space

Shelves and stacks have a double advantage: they allow you to create an efficient storage system; at the same time, they do not take up much space. In a small room, shelves can be placed on the walls to visually make the space lighter and better used.

Lifehack #6 – Add Lights

It is not enough to have just one chandelier in a bedroom. It is way better to combine multiple light sources to create a cozier and more relaxing atmosphere. There are many options for you to choose from – pendant lights, sconces, table lamps, and built-in lighting systems. A bright room always looks more spacious, so good lighting is especially important for a small bedroom. Look out for sconces, pendant and shelf lights, and bedside lamps, especially if there is not enough natural light in the room.

Lifehack #7 – Optimize Free Space

Don’t be afraid to employ all the free space in the room. For example, in the corner of the bedroom, you can place an armchair or a small coffee table for morning breakfasts. You can also put a compact dressing table by the window or arrange bookshelves in niches. Organization of storage is the primary task that needs to be solved when designing a bedroom. Storage systems with mirrored facades are perfect for a small bedroom. They visually expand the space and will work best for a small bedroom.

Lifehack #8 – Give Preference to Pastel Shades

Color is the main factor affecting the perception of space. To make a small bedroom seem more spacious, use beige and white shades as a background color. The light range can be diluted with accent details in muted pastel colors, for example, pale pink or lilac, which is fashionable this season.

Lifehack #9 – Use Light Textiles

White sheets refresh the interior and create the atmosphere of a luxurious five-star hotel in the bedroom. Light curtains in light shades help maintain privacy without overloading the space. It is way easier to decide on textile types and curtains when having a virtual visualization solution from Spotlessagency. Thus, you can test out a couple of options and then choose the best one.

Lifehack #10 – Zone the Space

In apartments with one large room, the bedroom is often combined with the living/ dining room. But there are a few tricks that can help you zone the space and create an isolated bedroom. The best alternative to walls is a glass partition that is easy to install and allows light to pass through. To create an intimate atmosphere in the room, you can hang curtains from ceiling to floor and draw them back if necessary.

Lifehack #11 – Create a Space to Relax, Not to Work

A bedroom should remain a place to relax. Try to organize your work area outside the bedroom, especially if there is not much free space in the room. If you do not have the opportunity to make a full-fledged office, put a work table in the living room. It will look more appropriate there.

Lifehack #12 – Use Mirrors

A good old trick that visually enlarges the space is using mirrors. The play of reflections makes any small room look bigger. In addition, mirrored glass reflects daylight and brightens the room. For a better effect, it is best to place a mirror in front of a window.

Create a Comfortable & Ergonomic Bedroom

A small bedroom is always a challenge. After all, organizing a small space and making sure that it has everything you need is quite difficult. A bed, storage space, and small things like a dressing table, a night light, and a mirror – you should find a place for everything without cluttering the room with unnecessary things. In this post, we have tried to shed light on how to make even the smallest bedroom ergonomic, functional, and beautiful. So be inspired by our life hacks.