Stressed employees, a lot of absenteeism, and low productivity: every employer’s nightmare. But how do you increase the well-being of your employees? Small changes in the layout of the office already have big results! In this blog, we give tips on how you can create a productive and healthy working environment with more plants in the office.

The benefits of plants in the office

Being ‘locked up’ in a dusty office from 9 to 5 is no fun. Adding plants to the interior not only creates more atmosphere but also provides all kinds of health benefits:

  • Less stress and fatigue. Plants ensure that employees can relax more and experience the office as a nicer workplace.
  • Less exposure to pollutants. Different plants can purify the air and improve air quality.
  • Fewer irritations due to better humidity. In many offices, the humidity is very low, which leads to dry eyes and a stuffy nose. Plants that need a lot of water can return the water to the air and thus improve the humidity of a room.
  • Less negative moods. Employees suffer less from feelings of depression when they work in an environment with plants.
  • Less sick leave. Research has shown that employees who work in a room with plants are less likely to call in sick.

In addition to the health benefits, plants in the office also increase employee productivity and concentration. For example, because of the better air quality and the fresh scent that plants spread. In addition, large plants dampen noise, so that employees are less likely to be distracted. Finally, plants also have a positive influence on the creativity of employees. Not wrong, right?

Which office plants should I choose?

Some plants are more suitable for offices than others because of their properties. We have made a list of 5 plants that are very suitable as office plants. Blomster in Denmark offers office flowers, which is called in Danish: Tørrede blomster.

Lemon balm: for a better mood

The lemon balm is a special plant that is also widely used in herbal medicine. Lemon balm is said to have a beneficial effect, just like honey, and until the 18th century, it was even thought that lemon balm would ensure eternal youth.

As an office plant, the lemon balm is ideal, because it naturally spreads a delicious lemon scent. This improves your mood and has a positive effect on stress. In addition, the leaves can of course also be used for a nice cup of tea.

Extra Tips:

  • Water the lemon balm regularly. This plant likes moist soil.
  • The lemon balm can survive in the sun as well as in the shade, but a moist and shady place will make the leaves have less flavor.
  • Is the plant getting too big? Then you can prune the lemon balm. The best period for this is August.

Aloe Vera: the plant that needs little care

Looking for a plant that requires little care? The Aloe Vera is the ideal plant for the office. This succulent consists of 99% water and can therefore survive without water for a long time. In addition, the plant is also known for its healing effect. For example, Aloe Vera is used in all kinds of medical and cosmetic products.

For offices, the Aloe Vera is an ideal plant, because brown spots appear on the leaves when there are too many chemicals in the air. This way you know immediately when the air is polluted.

Extra Tips:

  • Only water the Aloe Vera again when the soil is dry. The leaves absorb the water, so the soil does not have to be constantly moist.
  • Make sure the office plant gets enough sunlight, otherwise the roots and leaves can rot.
  • The Aloe Vera grows quickly. Keep in mind that you will need to report the plant every now and then to ensure it can continue to grow.