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There are many good things that new technology has brought us. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to go to a funeral home and spend good hours deciding on the arrangements you need. You no longer have to feel guilty about putting a price on every single aspect of a funeral.

The online funeral business is no longer a dream for some years now, and you should scroll down for the tips when planning to open one.

Is it challenging to have an online funeral business?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s possible for the modern funeral business to provide to their customers exactly what they need. No matter the time, a funeral home website will always be easy to access (or so it should).

Every new visitor to the website is a possible customer, so you need a website that convinces you from the first click. Never underestimate the power of a website and see every single web visitor as a phone caller.

In the case of an online funeral business, any funeral home website should be able to do the following:

Make a great first impression

If we listen to the specialists, we find out that it only takes 50 milliseconds (talk about fast!) for a user to make an impression of a website. The situation is entirely different when having to actually step in and ask for information in a funeral home.

Prepare the stage

Website and navigation are fundamental. For succeeding, your website has to be both attractive and easy to comprehend. You want the visitors to find out what they need effortlessly, so give the site the design and ease of navigation that helps your customers.

Prioritize information

More and more professionals highlight the connection between information technology and business. As a matter of fact, many admit that it’s impossible to talk about one without mentioning the other. Should you decide to have an online funeral business, you must provide the information, while also attracting and engaging all customers paying a visit.

Have a strong connection

Take the best out of the internet and its amazing underlying technologies. Give your customers what they need. Don’t hesitate to utilize web analytics and live chat software so that you develop the content prospects they look for.

Close the proper way

Unlike a typical conversation in a funeral home or on the phone, when you may quickly put an end to a conversation with a simple “goodbye,” the online “conversation” cannot close the same way. What you want is to have your customers wanting to come back again or asking for more information. They can sign up for the email newsletter or follow the firm on social media for receiving additional info.

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What are the five best ways to improve your online funeral business?

Just like with any other type of business, some tips are tricks that can help your business grow faster. Even though you may have the skills for a regular business, online companies are a special kind, so keep reading for the best tips to use.

Expand the website

No matter the size of your business, a website is mandatory for succeeding in a nowadays competitive market. A couple of beautiful pictures and some information aren’t going to be enough for your website.

It’s better also to include a blog where you can talk about the particular aspects related to a funeral. The blog will give your current clients the help they need, but it will also send new customers to your website through the search engines.

The FAQ section is handy, and you should always include it on your website. Should you have the personnel, you can also provide live online chat on the site. It’s the fastest and easiest way for the customers to find out the answers to their questions.

You should also post some short videos about the whole funeral process. It’s going to help people get to you and stay with you as well.

Don’t hesitate to hire millennials

It doesn’t mean that you should only give the millennials a chance and forget about the older workers. In the funeral business, though, it’s typical to skip the younger generation, assuming that they’re not interested at all. On the contrary, many young people find an interest in this particular business. The fresh perspective and youthful vibe can help with your online business, nevertheless.

Provide alternative ways of burial

Even if the traditional funeral services didn’t vanish, more and more people are interested in the new and alternative methods of burial. You may have heard about competition providing services that turn cremation remains into crystals and diamonds. There’s also the option of “chemical cremation,” which is an environmentally friendly process. Unlike the conventional burial, the chemical cremation doesn’t lead to a significant carbon footprint.

It’s fundamental for your online business to stay in touch with new technologies and methods so that you don’t lose new customers.

Be flexible about the payment possibilities

Paying for funeral services is a sensitive matter. Moreover, it’s the main reason for which traditional funeral ceremonies are slowly losing their customers. It’s difficult for someone dealing with the death of a loved one to also be able to handle financial issues. When mourners can pay online or take a flexible payment schedule is more comfortable for them and your business to finish the funeral services properly.

It’s essential to provide your customers with financing options so that they don’t need to pay every spending upfront. There are financing alternatives where your clients can request for a loan right from your office, benefiting the loan almost instantly. Besides, they also profit a 0% interest in promotional financing, but they would have to pay within six months. The rates are fixed, and there are no prepayment penalties, nor penalty interest rates.

Provide webcasts and tribute videos

Thanks to modern technology, it’s effortless and affordable to make a memorial video of the deceased. The video will ease out the pain and bring some comfort to the mourners. The video can be played throughout the funeral service and even offered to the family for later viewing.

Don’t forget about the streaming technology, which helps the people who couldn’t make it to the funeral service to look in on the service. A basic webcast setup will help mourners see the service from their computer, no matter where they are in the world. The comments and words are also available, which only makes streaming more comforting.