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Well, there are many types of wallpaper vinyl peel and stick wallpaper is the perfect choice for a baby’s nursery. A great percentage of peel and stick wallpaper for a nursery is made of high-quality vinyl. Vinyl is a plastic material widely used for construction due to its durability and effectiveness. It has also been used for wallcoverings for many centuries now. Vinyl wallpaper consists of a base and vinyl film that is layered on top. This ensures that the wallpaper is durable, washable, and thick. There are three kinds of vinyl wallpaper therefore when choosing vinyl wallpaper you need to know about their specifics. The materials are similar but they have a different threshold of wear and tear. These types of wallpapers include; solid vinyl wallpaper, fabric-backed wallpaper, and vinyl-coated wallpaper. Knowing this helps determine the types of vinyl wallpaper you desire to choose for a baby’s nursery. Thus this article will focus on the reasons why vinyl wallpaper is most preferable for a child’s room.

It stimulates the baby’s eyes and mind.

A baby’s room should be bright and stimulating. This is as research has repeatedly shown that vinyl a baby’s mind and eyes are stimulated by patterns and colors. It is therefore obvious that the walls of a baby nursery should be covered by stripped vinyl wallpaper. Psychologists have identified that stripped vinyl wallpaper stimulates the development of the retina and the optic nerve which in turn stimulates brain development. This is as the retina detects the light and turns it into electrical signals which are transmitted to the brain by the optic nerve. Doctors, therefore, recommend a baby’s nursery be covered with a stripped vinyl paper.


The vinyl wall is famously known for its durability which has two to three lifespans compared to other wallpapers. Furthermore, the wallpaper is made from a thick material which makes it more prone to wear, tear, and holes. The type of wallpaper was frequently used in kitchens and bathroom’s in the 60’s and 70’s and is still the most durable option up to date.


Being waterproof, vinyl wallpaper is easily maintained. This is unlike paper wallpaper which cannot be washed. Ordinary smudges and dirt can be removed by using mild soap and warm water. A bristle brush can be used to remove dirt from crevices. For more difficult stains a non–abrasive house cleaner or rubbing alcohol is recommended. However, it is advisable not to use anything rough that will irritate the material.


Nothing makes your home, feel more luxurious and elegant than adding texture to the walls. The vinyl wallpaper comes in various textures and patterns. Also, it comes with a dazzling array of designs. The design has an incredible selection of beautiful effects like pearls, raised inks, suede, gels, foils, and natural glass cloth. All these have an impactful effect on the décor of the nursery. Vinyl wallpaper has a strong design which is commonly used to give a luxurious textural design. It is fashionable and very up trending.

Ease of Application.

Vinyl wallpaper can be applied to various and most wall surfaces as it is easily mounted and hassle-free. It is the most appropriate in most areas. Being water resistant it can be installed in areas that are too moist for other wallpapers like traditional wallpapers. Grease and dirt won’t pose a problem to these wallpapers so you can install them anywhere in the house meaning you can locate your nursery in any room in your house.


Some wallpapers and building materials are made of harmful products. Thus, when your baby stays in such rooms he or she absorbs the harmful chemicals into his or her body. This is very dangerous as it may cause health problems or even the demise of the young one. Vinyl wallpaper is free of acetone and turpentine so you do not have to live in a room full of dangerous fumes. This makes it very ideal for a baby’s nursery.


The vinyl wallpaper does not change color even when it is exposed to sunlight or cleaned. This is important as the wallpaper retains its original characteristics despite exposure to degrading conditions. Such wallpapers are very efficient.

Ideal for hiding imperfections.

Do your walls have imperfections? Small walls, cracks, spots, uneven areas, and poor finishes then vinyl wallpaper is the answer to all your predicaments. The patio

Per will hide all these blemishes, unlike painting where the blemishes will show through a simple coat of paint. Heavily textured vinyl wallpaper is the most recommended if you are worried about the flaws.

Custom options.

Vinyl wallpaper can be customized. Feature walls are one example of customized wallpaper printing. You do not have to choose a readily available wallpaper. Instead, you can choose a custom paper designed to improve your home and create the ideal look for any room.


Vinyl wallpaper can last up to fifteen years and beyond which makes it cost-effective in the long run rather than painting since the wall paint will wear off. This requires one to paint the wall several times a year. Properly hung wallpaper will last three more times than wall paint.

Ease of removal.

Removing vinyl wallpaper is not a difficult task. Therefore, the wallpaper is very advantageous to use just in case future alterations are required to be made. Many vinyl wallpapers are strippable meaning the surface layer can be removed to expose the paper layer. Removing the paper is as simple as prying a corner and pulling at a 10-15 degree. Also removing the vinyl wallpaper does not damage the drywall.


New varieties of wallpapers such as the ones that mimic stone walls and paint come and go but the vinyl wallpaper has been in use since the time immemorial. Taking care of walls, especially nursery walls used to be something that was not given much importance back in the day but it has gained the attention of interior designers over the years. Therefore, it is not only preferable for a baby’s nursery but also can be used for all the rooms in the house. This includes the kitchen and bathrooms walls despite them being wet as the vinyl wallpaper is waterproof. Generally, the vinyl wallpaper is durable, easily maintained, colorful and colorfast therefore it is very significant in a baby’s nursery.