Sorry guys, I know I should be writing about design, art, fashion or culture in this blog, but I really can’t let this one slip through…

3 out of 5 men I met recently asked me if I’m gay or swing both ways, well I’m straight for sure but there are just too many cute girls in this city I can not help checking out. I got to tell you though, it’s really unfair to be a female in Shanghai, men get all the good options, girls are pretty and open-minded, now if you are a healthy kind-hearted man who likes to contribute to the Shanghai Sperm Bank, the girls will go that extra mile to give you a hand!

First, you need to go for a health check, then 4 days prior to your visit to the “free-hand-job-then-get-paid-paradise” you must abstain from sex and masturbation. You can go 4-5 times a month, and each time you will get a maximum of 3 handjobs. You will also get paid RMB200 ( US$30 ) at the end of each session for your kindness.

Address for whoever wants to give it a go: No 145 Shan Dong Zhong Lu, Ren Ji Hospital, Building 1, 7th FL, near Fu Zhou Lu, Shanghai, China.

I might start a “designer-sperm-bank”, collect the best designers/artists sperm from around the world, so there will be more mix-race children, less racism, hopefully, all artistic too… Ok, I’ll stop now…

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