Almost all homeowners replace windows and doors at least once in their lifetime. Some replace them every year while others wait around till the windows and doors don’t literally start falling off their frames. If you’re in Winnipeg and are wondering when you should replace your windows and doors Winnipeg, you’ve come to the right place.

Though the aging of these home items depends on weather conditions and material used and oftentimes, the kind of use they are subjected to is also a reason why they go bad earlier than their estimated life. For example, if a homeowner has kids who like to hang around the bay window area and spend most of their time near it, chances are that it will be subjected to more wear and tear due to use, water spillage, etc. Similarly, if a homeowner is a cleanliness freak and cleans all surfaces with hard chemicals including vinyl doors, there are 100% chances that these doors will age earlier than their average estimated life.

Whether you are someone who likes to replace windows and doors more often or someone who would replace them only if the need arises, the signs listed below are what you should be wary of. If your windows and doors start showing any of these signs, it means it is time that you consider replacing them as soon as possible.

When the Air/Light starts Seeping in

The first sign that your windows and doors need to be replaced is that air and light start to seep in from the nooks and corners of their frames. If you start feeling cold breeze inside your home in winters and hot air in summers, chances are that your windows and doors have lost their efficiency.

Although you can always get weatherstripping installed for preventing the air from getting in or install roller blinds to keep the light out that would only be a temporary fix. Moreover, it would also not solve the bright sunlight seeping in through holes and cracks. The weatherstrip will lose its sticking ability soon and you will have it reinstalled. Instead of getting multiple weatherstrip replacements, try replacing your windows and doors instead.

When You See Cracked/Broken Panels

Another sign that your windows and doors have aged beyond their lifespan is the appearance of on their panels and surface. In some cases, depending on the material of windows and doors, you may see scratches as well as discoloration too. In some instances, the panels can break, depending on the type of material. When you see any of these signs, you should know that it is time to change your windows and doors.

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When their Insulation Decreases

Another indication that the doors and windows of your home need replacement are when their ability o insulate your home decreases. If you see a surge in your energy charges, you must check with the energy efficiency of your windows and doors. As the material of windows and doors is subjected to use, it loses its insulation abilities over time. This is a clear sign that the time has come for these items to be replaced.

The Paint Starts Peeling Off

If the paint of the windows and door starts to peel off, you should know that getting them re-painted will only be a temporary fix. What you should consider doing instead is getting your windows and doors replaced with modern, energy-efficient options.

Paint first starts to ade or peel off from the window rails. For doors, it is their bottom area. So, you must keep an eye on these parts to keep a check on the age of your windows and doors. In addition to these, the restoration tricks fail miserably on these parts when they start to age. For example, you might use the furniture polish or sprays from the best brands but their effects will fade away after a month or two. This clearly indicates that your windows and doors are aging and need replacement.

The Glass Starts Getting Foggy

Another sign of aging windows and doors is that fog starts settling in on the surface. This would be a visible indicator, especially if you have glass accessories installed on your windows and doors. The glass will become blurry and block the vision. This is a clear indication that your windows and doors are getting old.

No Swift Opening/Closing

When you start hearing crackling sounds while opening your windows and doors or you experience the material swelling, you know what it is- it’s the aging windows and doors. If your windows and doors used to operate easily and smoothly without making a lot of noise but now they do and sometimes refuse to close completely, it means they need replacement.

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Increase in Outside Noise

You can also tell that it’s time to replace your windows and doors when you can hear the outside noise to the point where you feel as if everything happening outside is actually taking place right in front of your eyes.

Dampened or Swollen Frames

If the frames of your windows and doors have become swollen, damp, or chipped and their material feels soft or hollow, it is probably because it has aged beyond its life expectancy. This is the time when you must consider replacing your windows and doors.

Overall Condition Declines

When you see the overall condition of your windows and doors declining, you must consider replacing them. It includes sagging, swelling, corroding, and deformation of frames, panels, sills, grills, railings, etc. These conditions also include the jamming of locks due to corrosion or their breaking off, the creaky sounds of wooden doors, and the ugly conditions of windows.


Windows and doors need to be replaced, not just for enhanced aesthetics but for safety reasons as well. When their material starts losing its form, windows and doors can become dangerous for kids to be around. Their corroded and broken material can cause injuries and in worst cases, their latches can break, giving the kids an opportunity to roam outside without informing adults.

Apart from the signs of aging windows and doors, many people also struggle with the season that they should get them replaced. Although you can choose any season to go for a windows and doors replacement project, ideal time is early spring or summers. These weather conditions are favorable for carrying out the task because the temperature is warm and airy.