7 Basic Skincare Mistakes We Make That Damage Our Face


Skincare mistakes-Sometimes you may have seen that same tips are repeating for the skincare in various articles. Now you should not waste your time and money on expensive cosmetics.

Here we do not want to overestimate the power which is affecting your life, and we are trying to protect you from some widespread mistakes while taking care of your face.

You do not use makeup removers

7 Basic Skincare Mistakes We Make That Damage Our Face

In the routine, you are washing off your makeup with one cleanser or water. By doing this, you are leaving some cosmetic particles on your face. These left particles lead to clogging the skin pores and also increases the oil content in your skin.

You should use makeup remover on your face before washing your face. The makeup removers are not useless. These are necessary items for the best of your skin.

You do not use toner

We use toner which restores the pH balance of our skin, and our skin gets prepared for further procedures. A moisturizing can cream can also work with a toner. You should use it after traumatizing procedures like chemical peels.

You are using powder to remove the oily shine from your face

Our face shines 24/7, and there are no matte products which can help in getting rid of extra shine in summer. So we approach to face powder. But the face powder cannot keep your skin dry or matte for a long time.

Instead of using powder, you can use natting wipes. These wipes will remove the unnecessary oil from our skin and will not add anything to your face.

Before applying makeup, you correct your eyebrows

If there are extra hair on your eyebrow and upper lip, then leave them as it as till evening. It is rare that someone will pay attention to the excess hair. Instead, the redness, inflammation on the plucked hair can get easily seen by others. These spots cannot get diminished by using makeup.

Before taking a shower, you wash your face this is one of the skincare mistakes you make

Whenever you want to wash your face, you can wash it. You can use a small amount of cleanser after taking a shower. Silicons, parabens, and many other chemicals are present in the hair products. Your hair becomes smooth and soft with these elements. But these chemicals are not useful for your face.

There can be irritation, redness, and acne on your face. We should remove cosmetics from our face before taking a shower. And rewash your face after taking a shower.

Before going to sleep, you do not apply skincare products

You would not have to apply anything on your face after wearing enough makeup on your face for the entire day. If you use the night cream, a mask or serum, your skin will restore a better way. The substances present in these products can neutralize the adverse effects of decorative cosmetic products which will help to give a fresh look to your face.

You are not using SPF products on the cloudy days

Everyone in this world who wants to stay healthy and beautiful has realized the importance of protection from the UV rays even though many people use SPF on sunny days. Many people have forgotten the protection from the UV rays on the cloudy days.

There are harmful UV rays even in cold countries. So it is essential to protect your skin from UV rays in the complete year. There is no need to use unique sunscreen products on cloudy days. You only need to buy moisturizing SPF 30 cream. This cream is enough for your skin’s health.

Bonus: Benefits of banana for your skin

We can find a solution to the issues regarding skincare in simple things like in the peel of a banana. The banana peel has some benefits:

  • You can fight with puffy eyes with the help of banana peel. You have to keep the inner side of the banana peel over your eyes for a few minutes.
  • It helps in reducing wrinkles on your face.
  • The banana peel treats acne and papillomas.
  • It can even help in whitening your teeth.