Plus Size Dresses Women
Plus Size Dresses Women

As women, a lot of occasions in our lives require us to dump our everyday casual and work clothes and wear something formal and sexy – the evening dress. These occasions include but are not limited to weddings (as a guest, bridesmaid, or maid of honor), prom, homecoming, dinners, receptions, birthday parties (as the celebrant), and engagement parties. There are many types of evening dresses, and they are mostly categorized based on the waist type. We have the formal ball gowns, made of satin, velvet, or silk. They are the classic and most expensive ball gowns, as a result of the full skirts and a large amount of fabric used. There are A-Line ball gowns that look good on any and every woman regardless of their body shape. Empire waist ball gowns also exist, and they section the upper part of the body to stop right below the bust and flare out. They are perfect for women who want to hide a bulging tummy.

Most times, plus-size women are marginalized when it comes to ball gowns and other evening dresses because dressmakers make most of their best and most stylish dresses for slimmer women. Times are now changing, and we are witnessing a new era of stylish, stunning, and fashionable evening dresses for plus sized women. Are you a plus size woman looking for a beautiful dress to add to your wardrobe? Are you tired of your endless online searches only to find out your size is not available after finding a perfect dress? Do you have a fast approaching event and all stores just seem not to have your size? If you fall into any of these categories then look no further; we have compiled a great list of the ten best dresses for plus sized women. These dresses will look great on every woman and will do wonders for your figure.

Women's Evening Prom Gowns Off-The-Shoulder Applique Reception Military Ball Dresses
Women’s Evening Prom Gowns Off-The-Shoulder Applique Reception Military Ball Dresses

Women’s Evening Prom Gowns Off-The-Shoulder Applique Reception Military Ball Dresses

The first dress on our list is this amazing lace embroidered ball gown. This stunning dress is available in over ten sizes, including six-plus sizes (17, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26 Plus).

If you like to show off your shoulders, then this is a great option for you because it has a cap shoulder, a lace-up back, and embroidered with lace. It’s a stunning ball gown that can be worn to prom, cocktail parties, formal dinners, and receptions. The lace embroidery gives it a flair of vintage style that will make you stand out from the crowd, in a good way. The empirical waist cuts at just the right place and perfectly highlights your curves.

This satin dress is best worn with a pair of open toed strappy heels or wedges, and a matching evening clutch or purse. To complement the open neckline, you should add a very classy necklace, and finish off the look with a pair of cocktail earrings.

One of the best things about this dress is that is available in as much as 17 color options so whatever your color preference is, you will surely find something that suits you. Each color blends well, and will greatly complement your complexion, no matter what your skin tone is. A commendable service offered by the manufacturer of this dress is that the dress is made-to-order. After and apart from selecting your desired size, your exact measurements are required, and they will also get in touch with you to confirm all the details about your dress. This leaves no room for mistakes, and you can rest assured that you will be getting exactly what you ordered.

When you order this dress, you can expect super fast delivery, and when it does get delivered, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the dress. It is a perfect fit and will transform you into a stunning princess. The manufacturers also have excellent customer service, and their communication skills are A1. They will keep you up to date every step of the way, and answer any and all questions you have about the dress. Whenever they have any unclear information about your measurements, they will contact you to clarify, to make sure you are satisfied with the final product. To be honest, the pictures on the site do not do the dress enough justice, because it is so much prettier in person. It is a worthy investment, and the true definition of money well spent.

Women's Pretty Ball Gown Quinceanera Dress Ruffle Prom Dresses
Women’s Pretty Ball Gown Quinceanera Dress Ruffle Prom Dresses

Women’s Pretty Ball Gown Quinceanera Dress Ruffle Prom Dresses

This sleeveless and strapless dress is perfect for women who want to show off some cleavage, their arms, and shoulders. It is sexy, flattering, and simply perfect. Available in over 15 colors that can perfectly complement every skin tone and complexion, this dress is a must-have. The available colors range from reds and blues to greens and neutrals. Plus-size women will especially love this one because there are provisions for up to five plus sizes (18, 20, 22, 24, and 26 Plus).

This silhouette ball gown is perfect for bridesmaids or maids of honor, prom attendees, dinner or reception guests, and birthday celebrants (or for quinceaneras). It’s very detailed and attractive, and the beautiful ruffles will make you as the wear stand out from the crowd and be a head turner. Apart from having a stunning neckline, the back has a drawstring closure, and this gives it an added flair of royalty, pomp, and exquisiteness. The organza adds to the classiness and elegance of the dress, and you will definitely love how it looks on you.

This dress is best worn with a pair of high heeled pumps or wedges, a jewel-encrusted necklace to complement the belt of the dress, an evening clutch, and a pair of bejeweled dangling earrings. Wear your hair up to show off your neckline, earrings, and necklace. If you feel it’s going to be a bit chilly, you should also take a small scarf or pashmina to cover yourself with.

It is a floor-length gown with a small top section that has a sexy strapless neckline, and it has a built-in bra, so it offers all the support you need. It is fully lined, so you don’t have to worry about it being flimsy or see-through. It is suitable for all seasons, so it doesn’t matter what time of the year the event is slated for, this dress can be worn. It is also embellished with beading crystals, and there’s a thin bejeweled belt at the waist that adds slimming and curving effects to the dress on the wearer’s body.

This dress is perfect for all evening and ball events, and with this one, you get what you see. You will not be disappointed or let down, because the quality of the dress is just as described. The delivery is done really fast, and you won’t have to wait for too long before getting what you paid for. You can get it for yourself, or for your daughter, mom, niece, sister, cousin, or friend. It is a worthwhile investment, and you’ll get your money’s worth. When you have this dress on, you will definitely be the Belle of the ball, and all eyes will be on you all night long.

SOLOVEDRESS Women's Ball Gown Lace Princess Wedding Dress 2017 Sash Beaded Bridal Evening Gown
SOLOVEDRESS Women’s Ball Gown Lace Princess Wedding Dress 2017 Sash Beaded Bridal Evening Gown

Women’s Ball Gown Lace Princess Wedding Dress 2017 Sash Beaded Bridal Evening Gown

This dress is regal, exquisite, breathtaking, and simply divine. It is a heaven for a person who’s looking for a number of options. It’s available in a variety of colors and shoulder lengths. The colors are the classic angelic trio colors – white, champagne, and ivory. These colors ooze of class, sophistication, and elegance – they are simply perfect and would look great on any and everybody.

You can make your choice on the shoulder type as they range from sleeveless, to cap sleeve, and then long sleeve. It is also available in a wide range of sizes that are inclusive of up to four plus sizes (16 Plus, 18 Plus, 20 Plus, and 22 Plus). The seller/ dressmaker also offers the custom made option, where you get to have the dress made to your specific width and height measurements.

The dress is the stuff of dreams and what your entire princess fantasies as a little girl were made of. If you have any event coming up such as a ball, formal dinner, cocktail dress, your birthday, your engagement party, or any other event that requires you to pull out a stunning dress like this one; and you want to steal the show and have all eyes on you, then there’s no better dress for you than this one.

It is a ball gown style floor-length lace dress. It is bejeweled and bedazzled with beads and has a sewn in sash at the waist. Right below the sash, the dress flares out into beautifully and intricately arranged loose flowing pleats. The top of the gown is a beauty to behold, as each shoulder style has its unique top feature.

For the sleeveless option, the top is arranged is tight and closely organized pleats. The uppermost part of the long sleeve variant and the shoulders are pure see-through lace, and this adds an extra dash of sexiness to the dress.

With a dress like this one and the option to get it made to your exact specifications, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you ordered for. The quality is just as expected with no disappointments whatsoever in that area. It is also commendable that the dress arrives very fast, so the wait time isn’t too long.

ANTS Women's Sweetheart Formal Quinceanera Dress 2017 Prom Gown
ANTS Women’s Sweetheart Formal Quinceanera Dress 2017 Prom Gown

Women’s Sweetheart Formal Quinceanera Dress 2017 Prom Gown

Ordinarily, plus-sized women would find it difficult to get a nice dress that fits perfectly. That is now a problem of the past with this new amazing dress. This stunning dress has been designed to perfectly fit people of all sizes. There are 13 sizes of this dress, and about 5 of them are plus sizes (18, 20, 22, 24, & 26).

This stunning dress comes with a cap shoulder which allows you to show off your shoulders (if that’s what you love). Along with the shoulder cap, this amazing dress has been embroidered with beading crystals. This is done to give it a more classy and appealing look. The back of this dress is laced to give it perfect fitting. Whenever you attend an occasion or event with this dress, you would definitely stand out from the crowd. While it fits and highlights your curves, this dress has this modern yet unique and stylish look.

This organza fabric dress is designed with a built-in bra, thus saving you the stress of having to wear one. This stunning dress can be worn at wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, outdoor gardens, prom, cocktail parties, dinners, etc. This dress can be worn with open toed strappy heels, and you could go ahead to compliment it with a matching clutch or purse. Since this dress has a sweetheart neckline, you could decide to make it more appealing and attractive by adding a matching, classy, and attention-grabbing necklace. You could go further to compliment the necklace by wearing a pair of matching cocktail earrings.
Interestingly, this dress was manufactured by a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced seamstresses that have been selected from all parts of the world. Each of the dress designed by these manufacturers are made by these dedicated and committed seamstresses who pride themselves on the artistry and elegance of hand-sewn trims and beadwork. This dress comes in about 5 different colors, thus giving you the opportunity to choose one that suits your personality.

Once an order is placed for this dress, it is delivered very fast, so you don’t have to wait for too long. Once delivered, you would see that this dress is even prettier in person. The pictures you see do not do this stunning dress enough justice. This dress is made with top quality fabrics and this you would definitely appreciate when your order has been delivered.

The only downside that can be noted about this dress is that for conservative people, the shoulders are too open to be worn to important or very formal occasions. Apart from that, basically every other aspect of the dress is perfect. When worn, it fits the skin like a glove. The quality is great, and the dress is really worth every penny spent.

Lemai Crystals Long Mermaid Ruffles Beaded Sweetheart Corset Formal Prom Evening Dresses
Lemai Crystals Long Mermaid Ruffles Beaded Sweetheart Corset Formal Prom Evening Dresses

Crystals Long Mermaid Ruffles Beaded Sweetheart Corset Formal Prom Evening Dresses

Do you have a prom to attend and you are in a state of dilemma, confused about what to wear?. Have you searched and you still haven’t gotten that perfect gown for the evening? Here is a gown that’s just perfect for you. Proms are dance parties usually held in senior and high schools where formal dresses are worn. Since it is a dance party, you have to pick a dress that is comfortable, stylish and easy to dance and move around with. It is surely not an easy task for most people take time looking for that perfect dress. When you want to select a prom dress, it is usually not a bad idea to have various options and also go out of the norm a little. One of your various options should be a mermaid sweetheart corset gown. A corset gown is a gown that trains your torso giving you a smaller waist and larger boots. Anybody can wear a Corset gown and look gorgeous. Corset gowns are the best for proms making you sexy and exquisite for the evening. This is a picture of a red long crystal mermaid ruffled sweetheart corset gown. This sweetheart gown will make you look amazing on your special day. Available in various colors to suit your skin color perfectly. The gown is also available in various sizes for both slim and plus size ladies and also has about 70% fittings. So trust that this gown has got you covered.

This sweetheart gown has elegant crystals and crystals are known to give life and gorgeousness to dressmaking you look the most fashionable prom queen in the hall. That will be really amazing. This gown is strapless giving the gown it’s uniqueness. A mermaid gown styled with ruffles and these ruffles are beaded. The ruffles give the gown a perfect touch of drama for a wonderful and memorable prom night.

Selecting accessories for a crystal mermaid ruffled sweetheart neckline should be carefully taken. You would not want to ruin the gorgeous dress with the wrong accessories. It is advisable to go with accessories that do not make much statement. You can go with a short necklace and nice little earrings to match. Do not leave your hands bare, make use of nice bracelet as well. Your hair can be left down or packed and properly styled. Apply a nice makeup, preferably a nude makeup to compensate the dress. Nice heels to wrap up the look and you are set for the evening. You can decide to go with a clutch purse that matches your shoes. So ladies going for a prom soon, looking like a queen for the evening is sure going to be the ultimate goal. Do not stress yourself so much looking for the perfect gown for the night. Order for your crystal long mermaid ruffled sweetheart corset gown. It is very affordable and comfortable. This gown will surely get all eyes on you.

SOLOVEDRESS Women's Mermaid Sequined Formal Evening Dress for Wedding Prom Gown
SOLOVEDRESS Women’s Mermaid Sequined Formal Evening Dress for Wedding Prom Gown

Women’s Mermaid Sequined Formal Evening Dress for Wedding Prom Gown

Sequin dresses are dresses that are decorated with sequins. Sequins are made from plastic and are used to design clothes. These kinds of dresses are very exquisite and are usually worn at dinners, proms and also wedding parties. You can be an excellent show stealer with the perfect style of sequin dress.

If you are in the mood to look all shiny and radiant as the stars, sequin dresses are just the best option. We have a picture of a black mermaid sequined gown isn’t it just lovely?.

This lovely sequin gown comes in various colors, about 20 different colors and also various sizes. So whether you are a slim lady or a Plus size lady, this is the perfect gown for your event. Mermaid styled gowns are best worn in the evenings. You can wear a mermaid styled dress to any evening occasion ranging from dinners to weddings and proms.

This particular mermaid styled sequin dress can be perfectly rocked with silver or red clutch purse adding to its elegance. Your shoes should not draw attention bearing it in mind that your shoes can break or make you. Pick shoes with less statement because the gown is already styled with sequins. You go with a shoe and clutch purse that match and also with less statement and attention. Since it is an evening event which can be a prom or a dinner, your hair should be neatly styled and packed up. Your makeup must be really lovely, something that brings out your face. You would not want your face to contradict the gown. You don’t need a neck piece but you can not avoid the use of a lovely nice earring. Also, make sure you use a nice bracelet and YES you are set for the evening. Sequin gowns are lovely, errors with your accessories will definitely affect the beauty of the gown. Therefore choose your accessories wisely.

If you are invited to dinner, and you are bothered about what to wear to look good, this gown the best option and with the nice accessories you are good to go. You are going for a peasantry; this gown will surely make you look like a queen that you are. This mermaid sequin gown is enough to steal the show. Making you look absolutely radiant and gorgeous. It’s your school’s prom in a few days, and you are worried about what outfit to wear to make you look lovely, this gown is the best option. Who knows? – Your crush might just be your date for that night. Your friend has invited you to a wedding prom, and you are clueless about what to wear, don’t worry, this dress got you covered.

This dress is also the best option to wear to an award show. So what are you still waiting for? It is affordable and stylish, and worth every penny. With a dress like this in your arsenal, you will definitely turn heads any and everywhere you go.

Adrianna Papell Women's Plus-Size Chiffon-Overlay Dress
Adrianna Papell Women’s Plus-Size Chiffon-Overlay Dress

Women’s Plus-Size Chiffon-Overlay Dress

Selecting clothes that make you feel comfortable can be a stressful task because, not every dress can be worn in every season. During seasons like summer, looking good and also feeling cool is the goal. Plus size ladies are usually concerned about what to wear to make them look good and stylish even with their sizes. Chiffon are light fabrics and are the best option for the summer season. Fashion lovers will agree that chiffon materials are synonymous with elegance in the fashion world. This shows that it gives you an elegant and classy look. Who says plus size ladies cannot look good too. If you are a plus size lady, you don’t want to look too much and you love to look good and classy and also elegant and you have been worried about what to wear to the office during summer or a friend has invited you to a party and you want to look comfortable and classy at the same time, both of these goals can be established.

Here is a picture of an elegant overlay chiffon dress for a plus size lady. This dress is available in two colors which are, color black and eclipse. It also comes in various sizes with almost 70% fittings. So plus size ladies not to worry, we have got you covered. This dress is a round neck top and also the hands are designed to make it look exquisite. Since it is an overlay, you shouldn’t be worried about wearing a singlet. The inner already serves the purpose. The dress has a light weight so do not bother, you are not putting on anything heavy.For a working class plus size lady, it can be worn to the office especially during summer, you can wear it with a nice flat shoe or if you are a lover of something high, you can go for a wedge, to make you more comfortable. But the flat shoe is preferable depending on where you work to enhance easy movement. Use very mild make up as the dress gives you all the elegance you need. You are sure to walk into your office with all eyes on you. You will look very classy. You can decide to go with short dangling earrings, no neckpiece and a wristwatch. This gives you the classy official look. Get a nice hand bag to match. Your hair styled properly and then you are good to go.

Also if you are going to an evening party, your friend had invited you to, or a little get together, and you are worried about what to wear, this dress has got you covered. With the right and necessary combination of accessories, you are sure to look your best. Since it is an evening get together or party, you can decide to wear a wedge and a matching purse.

Solovedress Women's Mermaid Sequined Long Evening Dress Formal Prom Gown Bridesmaid Dresses
Solovedress Women’s Mermaid Sequined Long Evening Dress Formal Prom Gown Bridesmaid Dresses

Women’s Mermaid Sequined Long Evening Dress Formal Prom Gown Bridesmaid Dresses

This stunning sequin dress is a floor-length gown with cap sleeves. It is made of high-quality elastic fabric. It has a mermaid-like silhouette and a low back. It fits firmly at the waist and gently shows off your curves. It also comes with no train making it a suitable gown for whatever occasion you have in mind. It can be worn for any special occasion – be it a dinner, or that special prom night. It can even be worn as a bridesmaid outfit or just for an evening night out.

It is available in up to seven plus sizes (16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 plus sizes). The dress is handmade, and as such, the sizes may vary by one inch. It is best to check the US size chart prior to making an order. You can also order for the specific size you want and have it delivered to you. All you have to do is provide details of your Bust size, Hips size, waist size, Hollow to floor size (this includes heels) and Height size (with heels). This information ensures that the perfect size is delivered to you and that there are no errors.

An amazing thing about this classy dress is that it is available in about 24 colors – red, royal blue, silver, bright gold, grey, coffee, burgundy and many more. This means you can always find just what you want. If it’s for that wedding, you and your fellow bride maids can find beautiful matching colors. You can also find the perfect blend that will divinely complement your skin tone. However, it is important to note that the real color of the dress may be a little different from the pictures shown on the website. This is because of certain factors like the light. This can also be as a result of the camera used or the brightness of your phone or system when viewing the pictures.

This sequin dress is best worn with a pair of strappy heels or wedges and an evening clutch or purse to match. It is best to wear heels that are not too pointed, so they don’t get into your gown and tear the fabric. You can also add a pair of cocktail earrings and a simple neck piece.

Handling time is about 3-5 days, and shipment takes about 3-14 days. However, if you need your order delivered to you urgently, simply state so, and you can have it. You can expect a good customer service if you need further information. You are also allowed to return your order if the product delivered to you does not match the size you picked or if the product is wrongly finished. However, if you picked the wrong size, you cannot return your order so be sure to check the US size chart and confirm your selection before ordering.

As already mentioned, this dress can fit into any special occasion. What better way to get true value for your money than to have one dress that fits all?

Calvin Klein Women's Plus-Size Sleeveless Solid Fit and Flare Dress
Calvin Klein Women’s Plus-Size Sleeveless Solid Fit and Flare Dress

Women’s Plus-Size Sleeveless Solid Fit-and-Flare Dress

This beautiful Calvin Klein sleeveless solid-fit-and-flare dress is definitely the right dress for you. The dress is available in six-plus sizes. (14 plus, 16plus, 18plus, 20plus, 22plus, and 24plus), so you have no problem getting your perfect size.

If you like dresses that will fit your body perfectly, highlight your beautiful shape, and also make you very comfortable, then this dress is the perfect one for you. The dress is not too tight; neither does it have too much flare, so comfort is guaranteed. It is tight from the shoulder down to the waist and then has a pleat inspired flare from the waist down the knee length. It is sleeveless and a high neck dress, so you don’t need many accessories.

This dress can be worn for an evening out or to dates paired with a pair of strappy stiletto heels, with a beautiful purse. It can also be worn to work by pairing it with a blazer jacket, a court shoe stiletto heels, and an office bag that match. The dress can be worn to any occasion or event, as long as it is styled beautifully with the right accessories, bag or purse, shoes, jackets. You can also decide to let your hair down for an evening out, or have your hair styled up in a nice way. However, if you don’t like showing your arms, you can always pair the dress with a denim jacket, blazer, or a sweater.

Another great thing about the dress is that it is available in three colors (red, black, and watermelon). So you can choose the color you love most or the color that best suits your skin tone. Also, the quality of the dress is top notch and will not give you any type of discomfort whatsoever. It is made from a material that features a 65% polyester, a 33% rayon, and a 4% spandex, and also well lined throughout the inside if the dress with a satin type material. It is a simple yet classy dress that is sure to get heads turning anytime you wear it.

The handling of the dress takes like 3-5 days; then the shipment takes about 3-14 days. However, if you have a really fast approaching event or occasion and you want your dress delivered to you faster, you can choose a fast delivery and get your dress faster at an extra fee. A good customer service is guaranteed, so you can always ask the manufacturers for more information. The dress is the true definition of beauty, and you definitely won’t regret spending your money on this dress.

Nemidor Women's V-Neckline Stretchy Casual Midi Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress
Nemidor Women’s V-Neckline Stretchy Casual Midi Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

Women’s V-Neckline Stretchy Casual Midi Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

When going to an event, dressing right can be stressful, this is because you wouldn’t want to go outside the theme of the event and look awkward. For plus size ladies, dressing for an event is tiring, looking nice even with your size and shape is the goal for every plus size lady. If you are a plus size lady and you are thinking of what to wear for an evening event, and you are in love with satin materials, we have got you covered with this V-neck flowery midi gown. This material will go with your skin color making you look divine. It is a stretchy gown, making it easy to wear. This gown is available in various sizes and various colors. The most interesting part of this dress is that no matter the color you decide to go with, be rest assured that is will suit you perfectly. If you love to look moderately sexy, this dress is the best option exposing a little part of the cleavage.

This dress can be worn for an office get-together or gathering. Also, It is the wedding season so if you are a Plus sized lady luckily selected by the bride to be one of her bridesmaids; then this dress is the best option for you. The dress can also be rocked to a cocktail party.

Starting with your hair, it can be packed up or left down. However for an evening get together, it is preferable to be left down. Use small silver earrings with a matching neckpiece. The V neck gives room for lovely neckpiece. A small silver colored bracelet should not be avoided as little things matter. This might just be the little key you need to spice up your look. Do not forget your clutch purse. It is advised that the color of your clutch purse should match your shoes. Get a nice wedge as it will be very comfortable for your body size and then with the lovely gown, you are set for the event. Once any, the clutch purse selected must suit the shoes you have decided to wear with the gown. Mild makeup should also be applied so that you don’t look drab. Also use a red or wine lipstick.

I particularly love the dress because of the satin material, the color, and the flowery pattern. The length is perfect, and also the V neck gives the dress its classy look. It is definitely worth the price tag.

Hopefully, as a plus sized woman looking for perfect evening dresses, one or more of the dresses listed above would tick all your boxes. They are stylish, classy, and elegant. Each of the dresses also offers a variety of options in terms of color, sizes, and in some cases, dress specifications. If the goal is to look your very best at every party/occasion you’re going to, these dresses will definitely help you do that.