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If you are new to using medical marijuana, you should know that it is rather beneficial for some health conditions. Moreover, it also contains some therapeutic qualities for treating a variety of symptoms.

However, even though it is being used for medical purposes, if you allow yourself to get carried away or careless, it can lead to troubling or harmful circumstances for you.

Let’s learn about the things you need to avoid when you are using medical marijuana acquired from weed dispensary North York:

Carrying A Weapon

You have to carry a firearm with you at all times when you are working in law enforcement or another field. But carrying a weapon is not a good idea when you are under the influence of marijuana. Apart from affecting your judgment, it can also impact your job performance. Moreover, it can impact your mood as well. It is never safe to be around any kind of firearms when you are under the influence of any substance.

Driving a Vehicle

Driving under the influence, whether it is alcohol or marijuana, is never a good combo. It increases your chances of getting into an accident. Also, marijuana acts as a nervous system depressant. Therefore, this might impair your decision-making skills and your natural reaction time may get slower with the cannabis compounds still active in your body.

Also, you need to think and act fast during traffic situation that you cannot do after consuming medical cannabis in any form. Therefore, never take the risk of driving after consuming cannabis.

Operating Heavy Equipment

It is dangerous to operate heavy equipment when you are under the influence of medical marijuana. The cognitive effects of medical marijuana can lead to poor short-term recall abilities and limited memory encoding. The slow reaction time along with distorted sensory perception affects both your precision and operational skills. One needs to be sharp in perception while operating heavy equipment. Lack of complete control or focus could increase the chances of accidents.

Overconsumption of Dose

This is something that you should avoid at all costs. Although you cannot directly overdose on marijuana, you can still get acutely intoxicated. You might come across a variety of unwanted side-effects such as anxiety, panic attacks, and even paranoia. You can gain the therapeutic effects of medical marijuana only when you consume it responsibly.

There are many negative health effects of medical marijuana if you get acutely intoxicated. Also, you may still experience a dry mouth, red eyes, and a fast heartbeat without overconsumption of cannabis.

Supervising Children

Do not use medical cannabis when you have to babysit or spend time with children. When you have to supervise children, you need to have keen motor skills and good judgment. You should refrain from using medical cannabis when you have to supervise children. You cannot work safely with children when you are under the influence of marijuana.

You may harm them directly but you might lose track of time or fall asleep. For example, there can be negative consequences if you forget to feed the baby. If you are taking medical marijuana and have to supervise kids, make sure you have another adult around as well. Moreover, a child might consume cannabis or any cannabis-infused product out of sheer curiosity. This might lead to breathing problems or overdosing, which requires immediate medical care.


It is not a good idea to use medical cannabis before swimming as it impairs cognitive functions. When you are relaxing on the beach, it may not seem like a dangerous activity, but it is certainly not a good idea to swim under the influence as it might hamper your judgment. You might swim too far or get tired swimming towards an island that looked close-by when in reality, it is not.

All of this can put you in life-threatening situations.

The best way to safely use cannabis is to plan ahead. Design a schedule for yourself that fits in with your daily activities. And if your consumption could be dangerous in your workplace, take some time off or schedule your marijuana treatments around your work.