men summer wedding attire
men summer wedding attire

Is it almost summer right? Perhaps you or one of your mates is planning to get married. This has become a common trend among many lovers above the age of 25 today.

It is always an exciting moment for those who are getting married. They want to ensure that everything is perfect because this is something that is done only once in a person’s lifetime, unless otherwise. For this reason, it becomes essential for every detail to be cross-checked for perfection.

One of the things that need most attention is the choice of attire. A wedding is usually talked about depending on the type of attire the groom and the pride were putting on.

No one wants to look awkward and ruin their moments. The attire selection is often the most critical consideration at every stage.

But it is not easy to choose the best attire. There are so many styles on the market that it might be a bit overwhelming for some people. Men wedding attire styles, in particular, are quite something. Yet it is a must that one chooses the best attire.

Well, you need help choosing. Luckily for you, we are going to make it easy for you to select so don’t beat yourself up so much.

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What should you put in mind when selecting wedding styles for men?

Some people might have been lucky to be invited to weddings, and they know what to expect. If you are one of them, you have luck because you know what to wear and when to wear it.

But for those who have never been there, things might not be so good. You don’t want to appear so odd when you join the rest of the group. And for those seeking to wed and have never attended a wedding, this is just one of the moments they panic.

Things you should be aware of to avoid any potential for embarrassment in weddings

There are quite some wedding themes in the world today. Some people prefer themes like vintage or modern, seaside and country. The bottom line is, weddings are a huge deal for everyone involved. It is essential to dress accordingly and appear as part of the group.

If you want to stay on good terms with the bride and avoid her wrath, dressing to the occasion is not an option.

The first consideration is; you have to be familiar with casual wedding outfits for men. That can be a great relief to keep you in line. If you have no idea what this means just look out for the following.

However hard as it is, stay away from jeans and related attire. There are just too many cool trousers on the market; there is no way you will miss on any. Unless you are not just serious, finding a nice casual trouser is just so very easy. You just have no excuse to show-up looking funny – like you are have completely lost your way.

  • Ensure you have a blazer even if you find them uncomfortable. If you are attending someone else’s wedding, it is not about you, but them. Ensure you find a shirt and cover it with a blazer. There are many linen shirts for men that can match with nice blazers.
  • Overdressing is the best way to stay in line. In weddings, there is always nothing like overdressing because everyone is seeking to impress. It is better to be overdressed than to be underdressed.
  • The time of the wedding should determine what you wear. Some weddings take place at night and others during the day. For daytime events, you can go ahead and try light fabrics bright colors clothes. Just make sure they are jeans or t-shirts.
  • For evening nuptials. If you have been invited for evening nuptial, you should consider carefully what you choose. Darker colors provide the perfect cover. The will make your evening better and more glorious. It is even better if there is a dress code for the evening.
  • Just have fun! Ooh yes; don’t put your mind so much on how you appear. You need to have put aside all issues and just have fun.

The importance of wearing a suit to a wedding can never be overemphasized. Even for informal events, you are going to leave an impression – it should be your best.

If it is not in you to put on stuffy suits, consider the many cooler options available on the market. You can use just a simple trouser with a cool blaze as long as you are not in jeans.

Another important note, black suits are not the best option. Unless the bride and groom tell you so, just stay away from them. If you are still not very sure, you can call the bride and groom directly to ask them. This is the best way to be sure.

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Five styles for men’s cool summer wedding attire

1. A cool blue suit and white sneakers combination

This is the easiest attire for men. You don’t need to put on a tie for this kind of attire as it makes it out of order. It makes you appear cool and sharp especially if combined with some nice shades. All you are looking for is details and details only.

2. Dark blue suit with a colorful tie

This is one of the most outstanding men’s summer wedding attire. It brings out the best side of you, showing how ready you were for the occasion. It is a stylish approach for couples ready for the event.

3. Cool vintage

This is another cool idea you can bring on board. If you have pals, you can opt for coordinated attire.

4. Adding a splash of colors

This is a great way to bring out any out-door theme in summer. Suspender, for example, is great for vintage themes or countryside weddings.

5. Grey suits are great too

It might be another great idea to invest in a classic, elegant grey suit. They stand out to the occasion.


The five men styles suggested above are just a few among a huge collection of ideas. All you have to do is ensure you focus on standing out. Just invest in great attire.

Author Bio: Author Bio: Justin Allison works as an Associate Content Editor at Wedding Tropics. His passion and strategies to express the new fashion, styles in the industry.