Hello Ladies!

I hope you all are doing great.This articles will introduce you to some of the best everyday nail hacks. We ladies love long and healthy nails. We like to keep them in proper shape and often go for manicures and pedicures in pursuit of that. We are also crazy about nail polish.Most of us have different shades and brands of nail paints. So, this post is beneficial for tackling the problems of applying, managing and removing your nail polish. It will also provide you the solution for some common issues of nails we face. Most of the girls out there love nail polish. No matter what your age is, whether you are a college going girl, or a mother of two, you just can’t do without nail polish! Also, nail polish will always be in fashion.Some of us even have as many as 20-25 different shades of nail polish, but we still face many problems while dealing with them. So, here are some hacks, specially made for nail paint lovers.These will help you tackle your issues related to your nails.And another thing is that you need to take proper care of your nails to maintain their health. So, let’s get started.

1.Quick fix for a broken nail.

Did you know that you can even fix your broken nail? If your nail breaks in some place simply use a teabag. Cut a tiny piece of a teabag, place it on the broken area and seal it with nail glue.This will fix your broken nail in no time.You can later apply nail polish over your fixed nail.

2. How to cut your nails correctly.

If your nails are too hard and you face difficulty in cutting them, try cutting them after you take a bath. Or at least make sure to Wet your finger and head of the nail cutter while to cut your nails. This will make the process of cutting the nail a lot easier and also, The pieces of nails will never fly away.

3. Dry your nail polish quickly.

If you want to dry your nail polish very quickly, for whatever reason like If you are getting late for a party and want to apply nail paint as well, but have no time to dry it out, then this hack will prove to be a lifesaver for you.Apply nail paint and put your hands for 30 seconds in cold water and that’s it! Your nail polish will dry in no time.

4. Fix the discoloration of your nails.

This tip will help you fix the discoloration that you see on your nails. It is more prominent While removing dark shade nail paints.We see that after removing it our nail is discolored and it remains like that for at least a day. In such cases, toothpaste will be your lifesaver!Apply toothpaste and water on your nails and gently use a toothbrush on them and brush them in a circular motion. Later, wash it off. You will see the discoloration instantly fading away.

5. How to apply nail paint correctly.

If you always make mistakes while applying nail polish, then this trick might help you. While applying nail paint, it is common to by chance gets some nail paint on the nail. To solve this problem, use an earbud.Put the earbud tip in petroleum jelly. You can easily fix your nail polish mistakes with the help of this. You can even apply petroleum jelly on the skin near your nails so that any smudged nail polish can be easily erased later on.

6.An easy way to remove your nail polish.

This trick will help you to remove your nail polish with ease. You need to take a small glass jar and cut out a sponge piece according to the jar size. Place the sponge inside the jar.Pour nail paint remover into it, to wet the entire piece of sponge. Put your finger in it and twist two to three times. You will see no trace of nail polish when you take your finger out!

7. Avoid chipping of nail polish.

No matter how good the quality of your nail polish is, it tends to chip off after two or three days. Or it can last you up to a maximum of five to six days, and after that, it will chip off. Doesn’t it feel bad that after applying an awesome shade on our nails it starts chipping so soon?Here is a brilliant tip that will avoid that from happening.To make your nail paint last long, put your hands into vinegar before applying nail paint.This will make sure that the nail paint doesn’t come off easily within a matter of just a few days.

8. Another way to apply your nail polish correctly.

If you are not satisfied with the above hack for removing the extra nail paint outside the nail, try this one. Before applying your nail paint, Just apply some white resin glue outside the nail area. If by chance you make any mistakes and as a result of which the nail paint goes on the outside of the nail, don’t worry. It will be on top of the glue, and you can easily remove this glue later on by rubbing gently, hence fixing all your mistakes.

9.Remove the cap sticking to the bottle of your nail polish easily.

When the nail paint gets old, the cap tends to stick to the bottle.To prevent this, just rub some petroleum jelly around the neck of the bottle.This will not let the nail paint stick to the bottle’s neck and will not provide any hindrance when opening the cap of the bottle.

10. Smoothen the texture of your nail polish.

Sometimes, the nail polish becomes too thick to apply. So, To smoothen the texture of your nail polish, Put your nail paint in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying, and it will be very smooth to use.

11. Avoid uneven application of nail polish.

It is always better to apply a coat of white nail paint before applying the color of your choice. This will prevent the streaks which occur when we apply nail paint. This will also make the actual color of your nail polish pop out better which otherwise did not happen due to the natural color of your nails underneath.

12. Revive your old nail polish.

It sometimes happens that through your nail polish has not expired yet; it is too thick to use.In that case, you can smoothen the consistency of your nail polish so that it glides on easily onto your nails. Just add in a few drops of clear nail paint to your nail polish. This will bring it down to the proper consistency and will provide you a smoother application.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you go on using the expired nail polish by smoothening its consistency. Make sure to get rid of all the nail polishes once they expire.

That’s all girls. I hope these tips were of great help to you. Use them often to take your manicure game to the next level. Take proper care of your nails because just like any other part of your body, they require care too! And, Do not forget to let me know how these tips turned out for you in the comments section.