When it comes to cheating, hindsight is everything. You may feel like the signs of the affair were always there; you just missed them completely. The symptoms of cheating are subtle most of the time, be it emotional or physical. You might easily overlook the less obvious signs of infidelity if you are generally trusting. We have gathered a few warning signs for which you need to keep an eye out if you suspect your partner is cheating on you.

They Suddenly Become Unreachable

It doesn’t mean your partner is cheating if they have a job that makes them unavailable during certain parts of the day. But if you are suddenly unable to reach them during times you could easily do it in the past; then this is a reason for concern. Someone having an affair usually needs to be unreachable periodically, as they need blocks of uninterrupted time and lots of privacy. They don’t want you to catch them in the act. Cheating in a relationship makes certain people develop certain skills, and deception is one of them.

Their Schedules Suddenly Change

People usually have predictable schedules, and there is an explanation even if they change. If your spouse is suddenly working late out of the blue and can’t come up with a reasonable explanation for it, they might be cheating. This would make more sense if your partner hasn’t recently changed jobs, is not working on a new project, or has not gotten a promotion.

There is a Significant Change in Their Libido

It is usual for cheaters to reduce the frequency of sex at home, as they are having sex elsewhere. But sometimes, they actually might increase the frequency of sex at home as guiltridden people usually increase lovemaking. Some people might think of covering their tracks by increasing sex, while others will try to satisfy their partner, so they won’t ask for sex when the cheater is unavailable.

There is a Change in Their Phone Habits

You might notice that your partner has changed their phone passwords or is keeping the phone on them at all times. These might be strong signs of cheating. So if your partner has started to hide something, you have grounds to suspect and question them about it.

They Are Focusing More on Their Appearance

Choosing a new fitness routine for health reasons or focusing on the appearance as part of a resolution for New Year’s is relatively common. The timing must make sense with the reasons, so if you notice them spending lots of money on clothes or wearing cologne all of a sudden, especially if it has never used to happen before, then it won’t be unreasonable for you to inquire about it. If they cannot give you a satisfactory answer, then you know there is something wrong that you need to investigate.

What They Are Saying Does Not Add Up

What your spouse says about how they were doing something at a given time does not add up; this is how cheaters usually get caught. They might say that they were with someone during a particular time, but you find out that it actually isn’t true. Covering up lies is actually more difficult than many people realize. If there is objective evidence, then it will support the truth but will conflict with the lies, resulting in that person getting caught.

They Don’t Discuss Details of What They Did During the Day

Partners commonly share the details of their day with each other. But this sharing of intimate details shifts to the new fling if and when they are having an affair. This way, they share less with you. When they are sharing the details with the new fling, your partner might not even be aware that they are no longer sharing the intimate details with you or are sharing a lot less about what their day was like.

Your Spouse Accuses You of Cheating

A weird but typical habit of cheaters is to turn the tables on you and accuse you of cheating on them. They try to ward off the focus on them by making your charged behavior the issue. This puts you on the defensive and takes the focus off of them. 

They might act like they are so upset that you are cheating on them, making you not voice your suspicions and concerns anymore. They can also use this to take time away from you as an excuse to deal with the situation and use that time to be with their lovers.

You Suddenly Start to Get More Gifts

A loving partner will generally give you gifts. But when a spouse is cheating, they take giving gifts to a whole new level to cover their tracks. They do this to reassure you that they are still devoted to you and that their love for you is stronger than ever. So if you suddenly see that you are being showered with gifts like never before, it is time to dig deeper to check what is happening.

They Start to Critique You More

It’s common for a cheating spouse to feel guilty for cheating on you. So to try to reduce their inner tension and channel that guilt away, they will attempt to justify their cheating. To do this, they will convince themselves that the reason why they are cheating is you. Hence, they will suddenly start to be critical of everything you do. When this happens all of a sudden, you must keep an eye out for the actual reason.

Final Words

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, ensure that it is the case before you take any action or confront them with it. If you notice any of the signs mentioned in this article, you must be more aware of what is happening. After all, you don’t want any nasty surprises in your life regarding your marriage. Take care of your body and mind under all circumstances to combat whatever comes your way. Hope everything works out perfectly for you.