Check Out What Color Of The Urine States About Your Health Conditions


What does colors of urine tells about the health? You must have heard your doctor saying to go for your urine test. But you don’t understand that how your urine relates to your health. In actual it is the colour of urine which indicate your health conditions.

Urine is the by-product of the human body which discharges naturally and cleans our body from the waste kind generated by the digestive system of the human body. Urine removes the liquid waste from the body which helps our body free from bacterias.

It consists of 95% water and 5% waste in that waste products it contains ammonia, urea, and other complex substances. The colour and the texture of urine depends upon the digestive system of the body. If our digestive system functions normally or abnormally it functions according to that. We need to monitor such factors.

Now we need to study what different colors of urine tells about the health of our body.

Light Yellow

What does colors of urine tells about the health

The significant part of urine consists of water, and if the colour of your urine is pale yellow or the light yellow, then that means you are perfectly fine. It defines your body is having the required amount of water, and hence your digestive system is also functioning correctly.

The pale yellow colour also tells about healthy gut flora, abdomen, and the healthy body. The removal of waste is on time. Hence with this colour, you need not be concerned about it.


The dark yellow colour gives the sign of under digestion. You had eaten a lot of food, and hence the amount is still getting digested. The food might be involved. Also, the level of water lowers in your body. The body is dehydrated, but you should not worry you need not worry much about it. Replenish yourself by drinking a lot of water and hence shape becomes fit and digestion of food becomes easy.