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While some people play casino games for fun, others are in it for the big payouts. Before you begin playing casino games, know that playing such games comes with great risks – click to play. So, which casino games should you play if you want to win more often?

Understanding the volatility of casinos

Before you choose a casino to play, consider the volatility or variance. The volatility helps to measure the level of risk that comes with playing a certain casino game.

Low volatility games

In this type of game, the odds of winning are quite high and you can hit winning combinations with ease when playing slots. You should note that slots with low volatility often have smaller payouts.

High volatility slots

With this type of game, your chances of winning are lower even though the payouts are more. The more the risk, the more the reward.

Casinos to play if you want to win more

Although casino games have their ups and downs, there are some casinos with better odds.

1. Blackjacks

With an odd of winning of almost 50 percent, blackjacks are a simple card game that requires some skill. In this game, you face the dealer and you can have more than one person playing at a time with each person facing the dealer. The player whose hands are closest to 21 without being over is the winner.

2. Roulettes

With an odd of winning put at almost 50 percent, roulettes are a cool game for people looking to cut down the risk of losing. The roulette is a wheel that has 38 numbers on it. The numbers between 1 and 36 have either black or red and the number 0 in green color.

3. Wheel of fortune

The Wheel of fortune or Big six wheel has an odd of winning between 26% and 39%. The segment on which the wheel stops is the cash amount you will get when you win.

4. Craps

Craps have an odd of 50 percent to win. It is a table game played using dice with one person serving as the person who makes wagers on the result of the role and the other rolling the dice. In the first role, the shooter wins on an eleven or a seven. In a situation where the shooter rolls any other number, the number is the point. Your chances of winning at a casino increase with this type of game.

5. Poker

The game of poker allows you to control your winnings. Although luck plays a huge role, the way you play the cards will determine if you will win or not. If are looking to win more money at a casino playing poker, ensure that your skill level is top-notch. Also, only play at a table that meets your skill and budget.


Now that you know the casinos to play if you want to win more often, you can start trying out your luck. Remember that casino games are subject to luck. But with added experience and skills you can increase your chances.