More than 500 online casino games exist today. The history of these games can be traced back to China, where people have been gambling since the late Stone Age! Some of the most popular casino games that offer no deposit bonus in Canada 2022 even have historical roots in China! For example, China is believed to have been one of the first civilizations to invent playing cards. This invention led to a large number of card games being played in China, including Hualian and Zheng Shangyou. These two games are thought to be precursors for modern-day poker.

Interesting Facts About Chinese Games

The Chinese invented a number of games that are seen as precursors to modern casino games, including cards and dice. Mahjong is China’s most popular game. It originated in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and spread throughout Asia before becoming popular in Europe and North America during the 20th century. Go is said to be one of the oldest board games in human history. The first set of rules for this game was written down around 2200 BC. Mahjong and Go are both still popular to this day!

  1. China has one of the earliest records of gambling in the world.
  2. The card game Hualian is thought to be a forerunner for modern-day poker.
  3. Modern Mahjong originated from the Chinese game Khanhoo.
  4. The Chinese board game Go predates many other popular board games, including Chess.
  5. The inventor of playing cards is unknown to this day, but there are various theories as to who it was. Some people believe that playing cards first appeared in India and then migrated to China. Others think that they were invented by the Chinese.
  6. The game of Mahjong took around 1000 years to reach Europe via missionaries!
  7. Haidao is an ancient Chinese game that is believed to be the origin of modern-day Backgammon.

 Gambling History of China

Gambling is believed to have first started in China around 2100 BC. At the time, people gambled in cockfights and battled animals. However, it wasn’t until 475 AD that Chinese emperors began placing bets on numbers generated by deer antlers. This was the first recorded instance of lottery systems being used for gambling purposes! Chinese emperors even had special buildings constructed, which they used to gamble on lotteries. At first sight, it seems easy to play games, but if you want to learn from scratch you may need the beginner’s guide to online casinos.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang was the first ruler to implement rules regarding gambling in China. He set out regulations for gambling houses and introduced taxes on the activity. His actions were motivated by his desire to control China’s currency. Gambling remained a popular pastime within the society of China for many years to come.

Online Casino Games Originate From China

You may have noticed that many modern casino games are related to those which originated in China. Many of the most popular online casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, and poker, have their origins in ancient Chinese games. The invention of playing cards is also thought to have stemmed from developments in China, where different card games were played.


This game of chance was popular during the last years of the Ming Dynasty. Players who want to play this game of luck simply select 20 numbers from a pool of 80. After all, selections have been made; players get paid based on how many numbers match up with the results of 10 balls drawn at random. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of money you can wager on each play, but it doesn’t take long for your winnings to add up!


No matter that the rules of online gambling are constantly changing and nowadays China wants its casino to become Tech Mecca, this game follows its ancient rules and is believed to have been originally developed by multiple players in China. Players can take on the role of both the dealer and other players at the table, which makes this an interesting and fun game! The goal is to create matching sets of Mahjong tiles, but don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. There are many different strategies to employ when trying to create these sets. If you’re looking for a game that is different from baccarat or blackjack, Mahjong may be the game for you!

Pai Gow

This is a classic Chinese game in which players are dealt seven cards. The object is to create the best possible two-card hand out of these seven, using five of your cards and two from the dealer’s deck. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not! Many online casinos also offer Pai Gow poker, where players can get even more value from their hands!

Several versions of Pai Gow are played in China, including Big and Small Pai Gow. This game became so popular that it spread to the west, where it was introduced as pai gow poker.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game in which players bet on the outcome of one or more dice rolls. This game can be played with either three, four, or 12 normal dice. The payout odds are very good for this game, but you’ll want to learn how it’s played before putting down your money! If you’re looking for a game that offers the thrill of dice rolling, then Sic Bo might be the game for you!

The Oldest Chinese Gambling Game

The oldest Chinese gambling game in existence is called Fan-Tan. Fan-Tan is played with a set of three dice. The game was developed around 712 AD and has been passed down through the generations ever since. Fan-Tan is still played in China today! The game has been commercialized in North America by Chinese immigrants, who have preserved its rules and legacy!

The Asian-themed Slot Machines to Play Online

Many of today’s online casino slot machines take their themes from ancient Chinese culture! You can find games like Dragon Pearl, where players play as the heroic Monkey King, along with Golden Lotus and many more themed slot machines.

Top 5 China-themed online slots:

  1. Dragon Pearl
  2. Golden Phoenix
  3. Jade Emperor
  4. The King
  5. Panda

The Future Of Gambling in China

China has a large population of over 1.3 billion people; it’s also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world! This spells great news for the future of casino gaming in China. The Chinese government has already lifted some restrictions on gambling within their country, which means that more casinos are likely to come online soon.

This would be a great opportunity for online casino operators, regardless of their current location in the world. With a rapidly growing population and a large number of people who are likely to be seeking out entertainment activities on the Internet, this could mean big business for anyone who is prepared!

Chinese history is filled with interesting facts and stories. One of the most notable aspects of this culture is a deep-rooted love for gambling! It’s been over 5,000 years since the first recorded instance of gambling in China. Since then, many games have been developed as a result. Some of these games are still around today! Most casinos also have some forms of online casino games. So if you want an authentic gambling experience, look no further than online casinos for your favorite table game or slot machine themed around Chinese culture.