10 Hollywood Beauties With Their Cute Children


Hollywood celebs with their cute children-Well, no doubt to understand that the children inherit the features of their face and other body expressions from their parents. It only happens sometimes that beautiful couples have ordinary kids. The children who inherit their properties from the parents then they appear to be the most charming personalities to us.

Here are the 10 Hollywood celebs with their cute children

10 Hollywood celebs with their cute children

Today we are here to discuss the Hollywood celebs with their cute children. It will describe how those kids of the Hollywood beauties look. Have they inherited the properties from their parents or not? Can you describe those children as with the word for being charming?

Here are the world’s most famous mothers who have the blessings of God for two or three children, and their matching features for their children.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is the Hollywood beauty blessed with the two twin kids who were born in the year 2008. I hope she must have handled two of them efficiently. Look at the picture below with the two cute kids.


Jessica Alba


Well, to discuss girl kids, Jessica is with two girls one who was born in 2008 and her name is Honor. The second one took birth in the year 2011 and named as Haven. The two girls have one more sibling.


The name of the third child who is a son is Hayes who took birth in 2017.


Natalie Portman

Portman has the blessings of two children. The name of the elder son is Aleph who was born in the year 2011.

The girl child name is Amalia who is the youngest child born in the year 2017.

Megan Fox


Megan Fox has blessed with the three sons in her delightful life. The eldest child will turn to be six years old this year whose name is Noah.


The name of the second child is Bodhi who was born in the year 2014.


The third child is her son Journey who was born in the year 2016.


Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis has blessed with the first child as the daughter who was born in the year 2014. The name of her daughter is Wyatt. The attractive features of the baby girl seem to be on her mother.

The second child of Mila is a small baby boy named Dimitri who was born in the year 2016. I think the name of her son seems to be paying tribute to the Ukrainian roots of Mila.

Halle Berry

Halle got married twice to give birth to two children. One is her son, and the other is a daughter.

The name of the daughter is Nahla who was born in the year 2008.

The other child is a son whose name is Maceo and was born in the year 2013.

Milla Jovovich


Milla is the mother of the two daughters. The elder daughter name is Ever who was born in the year 2007.


The younger daughter name is Dashiel who was born in the year 2015. Well, I think the two are on the same features as her in terms of cuteness.


Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow has blessed with the two children. Name of her daughter is Apple who was born in the year 2004.


The name of the son is Moses, and he is twelve years old yet. He was born in the year 2006. He is two years younger from his sibling sister.


Denise Richards

Denise has two daughters who are biological to her. She has blessed with one adopted girl. The name of her elder daughter is Sam who was born in the year 2014.


Her second girl child is Lola who is only one year younger than her sister.


Her adopted daughter’s name is Eloise who is her third girl child. She took her in the year 2011 precisely after her birth time.


Gwen Stefani


Now coming to the famous singer and the actress. Gwen Stefani blessed with the three sons. The name of the elder one is Kingston who took birth in the year 2006.


The second boy child is two years younger than the first one whose name is Zuma and took birth in 2008.


The third boy child took birth in the ear 2014 whose name is Apollo.