10 mistakes which can fade his interest from you


When you start dating someone a lot of issues arises as you lack a better understanding and haven’t developed trust between both of you. There are chances that you commit few mistakes which can make him uncomfortable and force him to maintain a distance from you. To avoid such situations have a look at these common mistakes which one can commit and try to avoid them in your case:

1) Holding the Past
If you hold a past which was none less than the worst nightmare where your ex-cheated upon you or left you then we know that it may be difficult for you to trust this new man. But this can cause a negative impact on your relationship which can lower his confidence.

2) You give up your social life
Always hold your own space and never club your relationship with your personal stuff. Always manage both of your phases accordingly.

3) You believe that he is your happiness
This may be true but not always! Your happiness belongs to you only. No other person can make you feel happy until you don’t want to. So if you are dependent on your man then you must know how to be happy yourself.

4) Showing eagerness for getting married
You shouldn’t be too eager for getting married because it needs to build up a strong relationship with it. A better understanding, trust and love are the three essential things you need to develop in your relationship.

5) You enjoy by being in relationship
If you enjoy your life with your man and not by yourself then you are the weakest person who cannot enjoy her own company. And this can make him feel that you just need a guy with whom you can just hang out or something.

6) You failed to acknowledge his efforts
A guy will love if you’ll simply appreciate his efforts. This will also motivate him to put more efforts for you and for this relationship. If you failed to do so then this might piss him off which in return fades hi interest in you.

7) Always complaining
If you are always full of negative energy and always complaining then this behaviour of yours might irritate him on a regular basis which might be the reason behind the breakup.

8) Being the Sherlock Holmes
Girls with lower self-esteem and trust issues might be careful as it can create a lot of trouble for your relationship. Always try to give some space to your man and stop keeping an eye on him every moment.

9) Letting yourself go
Men usually prefer those girls who always live the same in life. They don’t want you to change for them either change your lifestyle. They always love those who care about themselves and have a pure heart.

10) Not providing him personal space
If you man is not in a good mood or don’t want to discuss any stuff then it’s your duty to give him his space and let him leave alone for a while. This will help him in relaxing his mood.