10 Qualities That Scientists Have Worked Out To Be Less Attractive


Qualities that make you less attractive-Research carried out by many countries have turned out to be painful enough which shows that the personal qualities would even turn us less attractive. Well, the thought is by most of the people around. It is the matter you must think about it. Here we are to cover the qualities with one illustration for each of them. It is worth to remember all about what we read given below.


10 qualities that make you less attractive

Well, it is the case with the establishment of the journal Biological letters in the year 2013. The data of the research came out to be that women have a high level of stress hormone in their body which we name as cortisol. It is the hormone which would turn a woman less attractive than her usual way.


Well, the case is all according to the research which states that we see lying as one of the worst quality which turns us look less attractive. It is a small lie that we speak to others or ourselves, but in actuality, we even do not know why we are doing so. Thus one little lie can also ruin your whole look because it is what a person can judge from the face.

Sleep deprivation is one of the qualities that makes you less attractive

It is by the fact out through the number of researches by the scientists who state that if a person sleeps less in one day, then we can guess it quickly. His face is something that can give you an answer to the angry mood he will have. Also, along with that, a person who takes less rest will turn to be less attractive to the people around him.

Being mean is the qualities that make you less attractive

It was the result out by the researches carried out in China. The year of the study was 2014 which had on big of the volunteers which rated the series of the photographs with some of the neutral expressions. It would even give a different description of the emotions which are in the written form underneath. The people who get the tag as to be mean got the rate of being the least attractive people to the people around.

Contractive body language

Well, here we consider different forms of the US for the universities. The number of ways is four, and thus with that, we have arrived with a solution. It states that the hunched shoulders, crossed arms, and other body languages would turn off the looks of the people. Thus they do not turn to be attractive.


Well, the result that we are here going to state for you is that by the universities of New York and Wisconsin. They have proved one fact of being much lazy. People turn out to be annoying than other people.

Looking very happy

The fact is by the university researchers of British Columbia in 2011. The point is for the looks of the men and the eyes of women to identify them. Well, when it comes to feeling attraction towards others, women will put off by the men when they wear a smile n their face very much.

Looking proud

Again the fact is by the researchers mentioned above. They have determined one point for the women which men would not like. The fact is that women turn themselves to be overly proud if they gain something and the quality is not for the point to be attractive.

Smelling very similar

It is the point by the University of New Mexico. It was out that people with the same smell point out to be not that attractive towards each other. Thus they always relate everything to the subconsciousness.

Not with the perfect sense of humor

The point of fact is by the psychologists who are at Ulster University. They found one solution to the problem. They said no matter what is the gender of a person; it all depends upon the sense of humor. People with a less good sense of humor turns out to be decidedly less attractive.

Well, all these were by the studies. We will want to know your points too.