10 signs which tell that a girl is interested in you!


“It’s not you, and it’s me!”, or,  “I consider you only a friend, nothing more than that!” These lines are examples of those “FRIENDZONE ” sentences which you hear in life, mainly because you misjudged the person or her emotions towards you. As it is said, trying to read or understand a woman’s mind is an impossible task for God himself! We are mere humans!  But that’s not entirely true.

Yes, there are a few ways or signs which will help you in understanding about a girl’s feelings regarding you. Basically, with the help of these signs, you’ll be able to understand to some extent, if a girl is interested in you, or if she loves you! Many times, we tend to misjudge the emotion of friendship with love. Just because a girl is friendly with you, might not necessarily mean that she’s interested in you, or that she loves you.

Girls tend to be loving and friendly, but we usually misunderstand that platonic emotion as love. To avoid this mistake, which might eventually hurt both of you, keep these signs in your mind while conversing with a girl. They may help you in making the right choice.

1. Instant reply to your texts

In today’s hectic time, people have difficulty in taking out time for themselves, leave alone others. But if she’s replying to your texts instantly, or as soon as she can, it not only shows her interest in you but more importantly shows that YOU are a priority for HER. The fact that she’s giving you high priority and is going out of her way to reply to your texts shows the amount of interest and feeling she has for you. Also keep noticing the language, the manner and the emojis she uses in her books while talking to you. They too tell a lot about what a person is thinking or feeling.

2. It’s all in the eyes!

Eyes are called the windows to a person’s soul. And indeed so, as these windows often give away, what many times our actions or words don’t. In this case, too, it has been scientifically proven that when a person looks at the person he/she loves, their pupils tend to dilate. So watch out for some pupil dilation in the girl’s eyes when she’s talking to you. Apart from that, eye contact plays a significant role in any conversation. If the girl is maintaining eye contact for the whole time that you’re talking to her, or even if she’s looking at you while you’re busy doing some work or searching something, shows the interest and affection she has towards you. But you’ll have to notice such things, as when it comes to the expression of such feelings, girls tend to lack in that area. They would never say it to your face what they feel about you.

3. The TOUCH factor

Many times girls try to show their affection by continually finding ways to touch the person in question. They’ll try to find different ways to contact you but mind you; they always do it discretely, that is, they won’t be visible about it. The ideas they’ll find will look innocent enough, but you’ll have to read into them. The most common forms being, straightening your shirt or jacket, or putting your hair back in place, or adjusting your tie properly, or keeping a hand your knee consciously or unconsciously, while talking to either you or others, etc. But beware, as many girls tend to be shy and may not resort to such ways, even if they like you. This feature is sporadic to find, so be cautious when you try to read into somebody’s actions.

4. Their numerous efforts to impress you

Girls have an inborn tendency to try and impress the person they like or love. They want to show and be at their best in front of you or whenever you’re around so that your impression of them always remains high. They try to impress mostly by the way they look or by the way they dress. If you’re someone they like, they’ll always put some extra efforts to seek more beautiful than usual, just for you or at times when you’re around. Looking nice tends to boost the morale and confidence of girls when they’re around people they like. Always notice the way they carry themselves when they are with others and when they are with you. If you see her putting extra efforts every time you’re around, you might be in luck!

5. The BFF test

Girls usually tend to share their feelings with their best friends, especially if the matters are romantically inclined. They tell and discuss with their best friends about crushes or love interests in detail. So to find out if a girl likes you or not, try and read into the demeanour of her best friends. If they tease her when you’re around, or if they decide to check you out to find out if you’re good enough for their friend or not, this shows that the girl is interested in you, and has talked or discussed you with her best friends.

6. Is he single or not?

That’s the first question that comes to the mind of every girl whenever she realises that she likes a particular guy. So, to find out the official answer to this question of hers, she applies many sources. If she’s straightforward enough, she might ask you directly, but usually, girls use different means, such as she might ask you indirectly about your weekend plans,  or if you’re free to hang out,  or she might put some friends of hers at work to find out if you’re single and available. Once she’s convinced that you’re single, then only she might make any further moves, or she might also tend to blush and shy off more in front of you.

7. Same mannerisms and habits

When we like somebody or are in love with someone, it’s human tendency to copy their mannerisms or habits or specific style of working, either consciously or unconsciously. The way they walk, the way they talk, the way they speak, the way they smile or laugh – these are examples of those mannerisms that are copied from one person to another.  The important here is that if the girl is mirroring or copying your characteristics and styles, it technically means that she is taking out the time to observe you and understand you,  which may result in the conscious or unconscious crying of your habits and styles.

8. The enjoyable and funny you!

If a girl likes you, believe it or not, she may find even your latest jokes as funny and laughable! Girls tend to like guys who can make them laugh or who can keep them happy and smile in general. So even if you crack a lame joke, they might just smile or laugh at even that, because they find it adorable and laughable! So, if you see a girl,  who smiles or laughs even at your almost statements and jokes, you should keep her with you forever! Such types are desperate to find!

9. Indulging In activities of your choice

To spend more time with you, and to understand you better, girls try to Indulge in activities which you find entertaining or interesting. Like for example, if you know how to play cricket, she would ask you to teach her how to play the game too, or she would ask you to take her to your matches as she would like to support you and would love to see you play. She would go through all these extra efforts just so that you are impressed by her, and so that you derive happiness front the fact that she also shares the same interests and Hobbies as you do. Such activities often become opportunities for both of you to get to know each other better and to spend more time with each other.

10. The never-ending conversations

Girls love to talk! More than anything. So, when girls meet someone they like, for example, you, they’ll just start off with a very random topic like I’m so and so, I was thinking this and that, irrespective of the fact that you like the theme at first or not. But once you get started, you’ll both be so engrossed with each other that even if you both stop talking, the silence would be a comfortable one in nature, not an awkward one. So while talking to the girl you like or love, be attentive to what she’s saying, respond at right times and give your opinions too, so that even she understands that you want her or are interested in her as more than a casual friend.

Last but not the least, keep one thing in mind. Even after all these things, if a girl tells you that she doesn’t like you in “that” manner, or just that she’s not interested in being with you as more than just a friend, then please respect her wishes. No amount of signs and methods can change your attitude and dignity towards others and towards life, which is what ultimately attracts a girl to you! Till then, keep these signs handy, and you never know, you may even find your soul mate with the help of these signs!