Check Out 10 Things That We Do Wrong In Our Daily Routine


Things we do wrong everyday-There are millions of things of every day that we are used to doing in the one way Though there is a more natural way of doing such things. For example, you do not need to hurt yourself while peeling off pistachio and also recognize your style of sleeping.

Things we do wrong everyday

1. You put oreo biscuits in milk with your fingers

things we do wrong everyday

Use a fork to do this. By doing this, our fingers would remain clean and crumb-less.

2. Bu cutting a lemon in half, we do not get all the lime juice

To cut the top of the lemon is very easy and it also gets appropriately squeezed. This way you can get all the juice from the lemon. If you cut a big lemon into two pieces, you will not be able to squeeze it correctly, and you would get only the half of the juice.

3. Opening Pistachios

Opening pistachios are straightforward. You only need to use anther pistachios shell to open the other one. This way will not cause pain in your nails.

4. You let your children spill the juice

Make sure that your kid’s use handles on each side of the juice box. This way they will not squeeze too hard to spill their drink. Sometimes you press hard, and all the juice comes out from the juice box immediately because of which your hands and clothes get dirty. So always teach your kids to handle the juice box from the top sides so that they can spill all the juice in the better way.

5. You do not sleep correctly

You would get another pillow to use for your spine and legs. In this, the blood will flow smoothly, and there would not be much tension at your back. Whenever you sleep straight laying on your back, you should place one pillow under your legs to give support to the spine. So that when you wake up, your spine will not get any stress and tension that would cause pain.

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6. You peel off oranges with your hands

You would use a knife to cut the bottom and top of the orange and then cut the orange in the middle to open it like a tangerine. This way the juice from the orange will not get squeezed and your hands would also not get dirty. If you do it in the wrong way, sometimes its juice gets into your eyes and causes irritation in the eyes which is not safe.

7. Cooling our drinks

The more natural way to cool down the drink is by using the wet paper towels. Wrap the wet paper towel around the bottle and then put it in the freezer. It is the natural way to cool down the drinks.

8. Putting toilet paper up

The toilet paper that has patented from 1891 shows the right way to do it. The opening of the toilet paper should be against the wall. The toilet paper should not get open on the side of the wall. Otherwise, it would be difficult to tear it up, and you would have to use both your hands to tear up the toilet paper. So put it in the right way as per the instructions.

9. Cutting the bread

The bread is easily crumby from the top, so do not cut it from the top. Instead, do it from the bottom. The bottom of the bread is softer and more comfortable to cut into pieces without getting crumbs all over the place. Moreover, it is the more natural way yo cut the bread into pieces otherwise it may even hard to cut the bread and will take more time to cut it down into parts.

10. Overusing toothpaste

You may probably use too much of toothpaste while brushing your teeth. You only need a pea sized toothpaste on your brush. It’s more than enough to brush your teeth. Moreover, also in this way, you would waste the toothpaste because too much paste is not necessary to brush your teeth. A little bit of it would work adequately to clean your teeth.