11 Beauty charts that will teach you how to do your makeup correctly.


Makeup is an art. If you are a beginner and starting out to learn new makeup techniques for yourself, it can be quite confusing for you. You have no idea as to what products will look good on your skin. And same is the case when you’re applying makeup even for the 100th time; you still get confused about the kind of makeup that will suit your face.

Even after learning various tricks and tips, you cannot get your makeup done right. You’re always doubtful whether you will look good if you put on that bold red lipstick or if you decide to do those smokey eyes. There will always be an iota of doubt in your mind when you apply makeup on different kinds of faces. So if you also feel that what you are doing is either incorrect or not working, then you can refer these 11 charts to understand how to apply makeup easily to get the best results. Look and understand these charts carefully so that you can pull off your look with utmost confidence!

1.Makeup brush chart

I know we all just get so confused looking at makeup brushes! After all, they are all same. Not until you know how to use them in the same manner as they are meant to be used. So, Here is the chart for makeup brushes. If you think that your fingers can replace your makeup brushes, you’re in fact wrong. That is because makeup brushes are one of the most basic things to be used for makeup. Every brush is specific to a specific makeup technique. However, it can be quite difficult to remember when to use which one. So carefully look at this diagram to understand when to use which brush and improve your makeup applying techniques.

2.Face type chart

Prior to starting your makeup, you should definitely know which type of face you have.For a good makeup artist, it definitely becomes his/her duty to know which kind of makeup suits which kind of face. When it comes to makeup, even the slightest of mistake can ruin your entire look. Your face type will actually help you in deciding the hairstyles, eyebrows and other makeup aspects so that you can use them to make yourself look your best. Have a look at this face type chart to know your correct face shape and make the best use of your makeup.

3.Find out your correct skin tone.

Prior to doing your makeup, you should know your skin tone. This will help you to choose the right product that will look the best on you.Then you can proceed further with different elements of makeup be it concealers; eye shadows foundations or lipsticks.

4. The correct order.

This is one of the most basic things about doing makeup. You should know what to put and in which order. This chart below explains you the start and end of doing makeup. If you are doing something wrong, there is still time to correct it. Have a look at this chart and understand the correct way of applying makeup.

5.How to hide your dark circles?

This chart guides you to apply your concealer correctly. This will help you to hide your dark circles. As per this chart, When you apply the concealer, use the correct tone of it and apply it in a shape of a triangle, going down to the sides of the nose, instead of going for a semicircular motion under the eyes.This is the correct way of applying the concealer.

6.Eye make up

This chart will help you to find out the correct shape of your eyes. The chart will also give you tips as to which kind of makeup and mascara suits your eye shape.

It will also act as a guide to shape up the eyebrows and eyelashes in the correct manner.

7.Thicker eyelash trick.

You don’t require any false lashes to make them look thicker and fuller. According to this chart, you only need a liquid or crème eyeliner to make your eyelashes appear thicker, fuller, and more attractive. It also shows you the correct technique of applying the eye liner effectively to get the best results.

8. Guide to make your lips appear fuller.

If you have dry and chapped lips, First of all, you’ll need to exfoliate. This will get you rid of the flaky lips. The easiest method to exfoliate your lips and make them fuller is to run a bit of sugar across moist lips and then to rinse it away.

After doing that, moisturize your lips and make an outline of them with a lip liner. Make sure to use a color which is same as your lip color. Blend the color with concealer and apply a bit of lip gloss. Finally, you may apply a highlighter to give an attractive finish to the makeup effect.This will also give a glowy and dewy effect to your lips.

9.Rock that red lipstick!

Many women fear to apply red lipstick because they either don’t know the correct shade that will suit them or they are not able to apply it correctly.  Here is a guide to help you apply the red lipstick correctly. For bright red lips, you have to fill them up with a layer of concealer first. Then, outline the lips with a red colored lip liner and clean the edges using a tissue. This will make sure that your lips are well defined.Dab some powder over the lips using a brush.Lastly, apply the red colored lipstick.


You need to first acquaint yourself with your face and eyebrow shape. This will help you to give proper shape to eyebrows in accordance with the shape of your face. The second chart shows you how to fill out eyebrows using a concealer. This will make them shine so that they stand out.

I hope that the next time you decide to do your makeup, you’ll definitely keep these points in your mind and work accordingly.