Your Eyes Can Indicate These 14 Health Concerns


Eye diseases-Our eyes speak a thousand words, all at once. Yes, our eyes provide a peek into our innermost thoughts and wishes, but sometimes, they give warning signs too about your health. Sometimes, pour eyes convey information about diseases that we don’t even know we have. Keeping a tab on your eyes will give you crucial data about your health in general. Here are 14 signs that your eyes give your health.

Eye diseases

  1. White spots on the eye cornea:
  2. 11 Eye diseases

For people who use contact lens, seeing white spots on the cornea is a common occurrence. But this can also be a sign of corneal infection, a severe condition that may cause lasting damage to your eyesight.

  1. A white circle around the iris

In old age, it is quite common to have a white ring around the iris. But if you have a white circle around your iris and you are in the prime stage of your life, it can be an indication of high cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart problems.

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  1. Red eyes

Red eyes are quite common if you are constantly glued to computer and mobile phone screens or if you do not give your eyes rest while working. But if you continuously have red eyes without any apparent reason, it can point to glaucoma, diabetes and high intracranial pressure.

  1. Dry eyes

In most cases, dry eyes mean an allergic reaction. But it can also point to grave health concerns like immune system disorder or Sjogren’s syndrome.

  1. Colourless specs in front of the eyes

Everyone regularly sees colourless specks in front of the eyes, and that is no big deal. But it is a sign of alarm if you see them all the time in increased frequencies as it could mean a retinal tear or detachment.

  1. Swollen red eyes

If you do not get the proper amount of sleep every day, it could lead to swollen, red eyes. If you get them even after you have slept enough, it is time to stop using eye drops very often.

  1. A yellowish spot near the iris

Like a white circle around the iris, a yellowish spot near the iris is also a sign of ageing. But it can also happen because of too much exposure to sun, wind and dust.

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  1. Tears

If your eyes keep continually watering on their own, you are suffering from dry eyes as a result of straining your eyes on the computer screen.

  1. Disappearing image in the visual field

If you constantly feel that images disappear from your visual field, it indicates a migraine and can give you headaches. It does not affect your health, and there is no cure for it.

  1. Blurred picture

Blurred vision is a sign of two dangerous ailments, diabetes and cataracts. It is advised to visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Eye Twitch

Too much twitching of your eyes indicates that you are under a lot of stress. It may not look dangerous, but stress can lead to significant health complications.

  1. Eyebrows

Keeping your eyebrows looking good might make a beauty statement, but a disappearing eyebrow is a sign of concern. It points to thyroid problems.

  1. Bulging

Bulging eyes are caused genetically and do not harm.  But if you suddenly have bulging eyes, it points to thyroid problems.

  1. Double vision

If you suddenly have double vision or loss of vision, rush to the doctor instantly as it indicates that you are having a stroke.