15 Basic Cleaning Tricks That You Need To Adopt ASAP


Basic cleaning tricks-The basic question arises in every house is how to make the process of cleaning easier. And how the cleaning process can be made effective. There are some tricks by which you can keep your clothes and other things fresher for longer.

We have listed down some surprising and very useful ideas and cleaning tricks.

1. You can clean the mattress using the alcohol solution

15 Basic Cleaning Tricks That You Need To Adopt ASAP

Most of the people asked that how can we make the mattress fresher that we include as an essential part of our lives. We all know we can not wash it. Moreover, you also have the choice to give this task to the cleaning company. However, we can clean the upper layer of the mattress very efficiently ourselves using a spray that consists of one part of alcohol and two parts of water.

2. To keep your fridge smelling fresh, keep kitty litter in it

It absorbs the smell very well. The fridge will continue to smell fresh if you keep this in your fridge. You have to keep it in a box and then put that box in the refrigerator.

The smell of various food items in the fridge gets mixed and lead to an unpleasant odour. You can also keep silica litter in your fridge. You should never keep wood litter in your fridge.

3. Trick to wash the blender

Cleaning the blender is effortless. You only have to put a little water in the blender and a drop of detergent with which you want to clean it. Now, turn it on for few seconds and then wash it off.

4. You can clean calcareous deposit with the salty grapefruit

You can clean up the calcareous deposit in the bathrooms with the mixture of salty grapefruit. You have to cut the grapefruit in half and put the salt in the half grapefruit. Then rub it on the bathtub or sink to clean them.

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5. if you use the particular pill for the washing machine, your laundry can be snow white

You have to prepare the mixture to keep your clothes white and fresh. You have to mix the detergent and the bleach in the equal amount along with with a pill for washing machine. Then soak your clothes in this mixture for some time. Moreover, after this wash your clothes as you usually do.

6. You can keep your clothes brighter for longer with the salt

You need to add half a glass of salt in your washing machine or the detergent in the bucket if you want to wash your clothes manually to keep the bright colour of your clothes. The colours of your clothes will not get dull.

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7. The trick to clean the baseboards quickly

Use a rough broom to clean the thin part of skirting against the wall. Wrap the broom in the cloth and then wash such places with it in your apartment. You can clean all such areas in a few minutes.

8. Do not wash the frying pan right away; it will work two times longer

Do not wash the frying pan when it is hot. The right way to clean up the frying pan is after it cools down. If you wash it when it is still hot, it will lead to the food burning on it, and then it will be harder to wash off.

9. You can get rid of furniture marks on the carpet with the help of ice cubes

You can use ice cubes to clean the furniture marks from the carpets. You have to put the ice cubes on the furniture marks on the carpet and leave them overnight. The carpet will absorb the water and will become flat again.

10. You can use a hair dryer  or vacuum cleaner to clean the knife block

Vaccum cleaners are very useful to clean the knife blocks with the thin wire. You can use the hairdryer in its strongest mode to clean up the remains of the dust in it.

11. Use an onion to clean up the grill

We can quickly remove the grease on the grill with an ordinary onion. You only need to cut the onion in half and fix it in the fork. Then rub it on the grill while it is hot. It will clean the grill faster.