Hilariously genius people-People are always looking for shortcuts while doing day to day activities. They tend to find ways in which they can make dinner faster, better organize their homes, or sneak in more time for themselves?

They are seeking to save their time and energy anyhow. In pursuit of that, they discover complicated yet genius ways to get their work done. These ways show that they are completely lazy. Their laziness gives rise to innovation. They find innovative ideas to save themselves from work.

These pictures are proof that laziness will turn you into an innovator so that you can remain lazy forever. Have a look.

Hilariously genius people

1. Best use of machine, probably

Hilariously genius people

2. Can’t even pull a chair forward!

3. Well nobody likes doing the dishes anyway.

4. Now he’s got some real brains!

5. Laziness personified.

6. Afterall, what are friends really for?

7. When you’re too lazy to pick up your blanket.

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8. Well, I hope that at least the windshield clear.

9. What a genius!

10. How about making use of your pet?

11. A new way to pick up your pencil.

12. Exchange offer is it?

13. Alternative to washing a cup.

14. Don’t trouble the dog at least.

15. Laziness level 10000!