Hilarious life hacks-Get some popcorn and be prepared for a pack of quick-witted life hacks that even you can use to your advantage when in need. While you create some of your own, we would like to share with you some of the hacks which are way too funny to handle. If you are in some uncertainty when you want to make some soup but do not have the means, want to cut a pizza but have no knife, many of these odd yet crucial problems will be solved. Get ready for a ride of entertainment. These people think out of the box and have a little too creative hacks.

Hilarious life hacks you won’t believe people actually use

There is no need to have a long cable anymore.

Hilarious life hacks you won't believe people actually use

This is not a matter of laughing, What do the manufacturers have in mind while manufacturing such a small cable. Keep it on your darn head, and that’s how it’s done. That is the only way left now.

You cannot deny this is creative.

Hilarious life hacks

Drill ’em holes into the project. Also, it is an excellent way to give your building up anger an outlet. After finishing that long project, all you need a drill for this hack. Why haven’t I thought of this trick?

So here’s how you cook soup without a cooker.

…just if you were curious about the process. I cannot decide if this is funny or genius. For the next time, while cooking soup, use this, just for the fun of it. I love this one, don’t you all?

DIY waterproof slippers

Another fun DIY. I told you that these were going to be entertaining. I have this feeling that Vogue is very soon going to have a model wearing one of these bad boys and then they will be totally in style. Coolest one among all.

A fork lets you adjust the hair length while saving.

Hear up, all you guys, when in need to adjust your hair, use a fork. Fork your way through it all. Okay, I am gonna stop now *laughs*.

Use plastic bottles to make a trendy life vest.

Okay, he is totally in style. Is it just me or this should already have become a trend? I am gonna make one of these for myself just for the looks of it. I am enjoying this too much.

What an awesome idea for a BBQ!

Okay, these guys are officially geniuses who should get recognition for these masterpieces.

Here’s how you type handwritten text without straining your eyes and neck.

Yes, if only this could be done in real life, life would have become so much easier. I am fighting an urge to sent this picture to my professor.

There is nothing that cannot be fixed with some duct tape.

Duct tape fixes, like, more than half of my problems. I would be surprised if it did not make to the list of these hacks. These hacks are literally a blessing on the humanity.

No spoon? No problem!

If you cannot find a spoon or are like me, too lazy to go search for it, then this hack is for you, my friend. I really should have discovered some of these a lot earlier in my life.

Have you ever tried cutting pizza with an ice skate?

Yeah, you cannot find the knife now? Your ice skates are the way to go about it.

When you have your own car designs.

Hilarious life hacks you won't believe people actually use

Now, you do not even have another car seat? No worries, have a chair be placed at the side and you are ready to go.

Which one did you actually find the most useful? Also, which one cracked you up with hysteria? Come to think of it there is a life hack for every single thing around us. Tell me about your thoughts in the comments section below.