15 signs that could help you identify a toxic relationship.

Signs of a toxic relationship-There are signs which can indicate whether your relationship would really last beautifully or no. The problem arises when you put your partner on a higher position more than they deserve.
Making someone feel worthier than they actually could render the bond sour within blinks of the eye. Watch out for these 15 signs to stay away from such tragedies.
15 Signs of a toxic relationship you must be aware
This is one of the common signs of a toxic relationship. You may think that he is everything you ever dreamt of without knowing the back story. You are probably attracted by his charming ways.

You think a lot about your other half

It is nothing new when it comes to putting your partner on a high pedestal to a point wherein you start idealizing them. This ends up destructing the relationship as a whole.
One of the other signs of a toxic relationship when your partner doesn’t understand that you need to spend time with your friends and family. People who have with you, rough and tough, throughout, barely see you around, all thanks to him.

You are not doing enough justice with your hobbies

This is very common too. The partner takes up so much time from your life, that he ends up eating your time which you could’ve devoted to your hobbies. You cannot spend time gaming, playing with your pet or gardening!
When your partner has begun showing you the red flags- do not ignore it. They will try a lot to hide these flags but there is always something which will bring it out.

Trusting him blindly

You end up trusting all that your partner says because you love him so much. You might have actually fallen prey to his words.

You become envious quickly

Jealousy seems to destroy any relationship or at least renders the term of commitment short. You start questioning every person who contacts your partner. This is indeed an unhealthy habit.

Are you obsessed with him?

You want your partner to be with you all day. If they are a way for some time, you start doubting their bond with you. This is sure to backfire you in the longer run.

You end up giving justification for their wrongdoings

You turn a deaf ear to all that he does and never point any wrong that he has done. Him being unjust to those around ends up rubbing you off too.

You don’t speak this word “NO”

You are always unable to put down your partner’s DEMANDS. They have taken this fact for granted that you will accommodate their needs no matter what.

There is not enough respect between the two

Respect is the glue which will hold any bond together, longer. You might feel forced into the commitment if there isn’t enough respect. Blind admiration cant do a lot, you see.

They get offended quickly

Once your partner senses that you have become very dependant on them, the time won’t be very far for them to reveal their crass self to you. They will start getting angry at the smallest of things.

Criticism everywhere!

Your partner makes mountains of small ant-hills. They make blunders of the tiniest things you do. Your eating style, the way you talk or walk. They want to find wrongs in everything.

They don’t make you a part of their day-to-day activities

Your partner doesn’t include you everywhere. They might end up not telling you where they are going if they are going for a vacation. You could only get news through social media.

Constant comparison

Your partner will end up leaving you if they have begun to compare you with others. This is the worst thing any partner has to go through in a relationship. These were the signs of a toxic relationship you need to know.
Source: Brightside