15 Things Guys Are Clueless About When It Comes To Girls


There is a reason why it is said that guys do not understand girls at all. 15 is too small a number to keep track of the things guys should know about girls. Even a thick book might not suffice but since the guys do not have the attention span to read that, let us hope that this small list will enlighten them.

Things guys should know about girls

  1. They Don’t Owe You a Smile

Things guys should know about girls

A girl does not owe any guy anything, not even a smile. Regardless of the fact that the guy has been nice to her, she is indebted to him for a smile.

  1. Nice Guys Don’t Finish Always Last

The media has made a perception that women do not choose nice guys. They go for bad boys and hurt themselves in the process. Nothing can be farther than the truth as women look for a mature, level-headed guy who knows his manners.

  1. Don’t Preach Niceness But Practice It

If a guy tells you that he is a ‘nice guy’, he is definitely not. So, rather than going about telling girls that you are nice, it is better to actually practice your manners and let them speak for themselves.

  1. Don’t Play Too Hard to Get

The time to play too hard to get is over as girls no longer have time for these petty games. If you try this, the girl might just leave.

  1. Make Some Effort

If you are seeing a girl, you have to make an effort to meet up with her and to do things that will improve the quality of your relationship. Don’t be that guy who puts zero effort and then cries foul when the girl leaves.