These Are The 15 Things A Woman Finds Extremely Attractive In A Man


Best ways to be attractive man-You do not need a Greek God to be considered attractive by a woman. It is the little things that attract women to you. Read on to know what are the 15 things that women find charming in men.

Tips to be attractive man

  1. Facial Hair

how to be attractive man

It is a universally acknowledged fact that men with facial hair are hotter than men without them. You do not have to go all the way for a scruffy-looking beard. A well-maintained stubble works the same.

  1. A Strong Jawline

A well-chiselled jawline in a man is extremely appealing as it enhances the features and makes him oh-so-handsome.

  1. The Color Red

A guy clad in red is considered to be more attractive than if he is wearing any other colour. This stems because red makes men look more dominant.

  1. A Deep Voice

A deep, gravelly voice resonates more in a woman’s mind and creates a lasting impression.

  1. The Eyes

Eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul. Women especially find a dark limbal ring, the dark circle that surrounds the iris, very eye-catching.

  1. Height

There is no doubt that women love to date taller guys more in comparison to shorter guys. Even in jobs, taller men get more promotions compared to shorter guys.

  1. A Muscular Body

A well-built physique in a guy is the ultimate turn-on for a woman as it appeals to their primal need to be protected.

  1. Humour

A well-developed sense of humour is the most important quality in a guy. If you can make a woman laugh, half the battle is already won.

  1. A Nice Smile

Women are charmed by a carefree, toothy smile which symbolizes that he is has a cheerful countenance which is way better than a no-smiling, grim guy.

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  1. Kindness

Kindness is a very desirable quality in a man as it is in so much dearth in the world today. Being kind is the new handsome as women appreciate the thoughtfulness he displays to the world, and makes the world a better place in his way.

  1. Good Teeth

Good teeth and dental hygiene is a deal breaker for a lot of women as it adds a lot to your smile. Yellow teeth or crooked teeth are a straight no-no if you want to make an impression on women. Book that dental appointment right now if you lack on this front.

  1. Compassion

In this heartless world, compassion and empathy are qualities that instantly take you several notches higher in a woman’s opinion. Whether you visit old age homes or have a cause close to your heart, it does not matter as long as you are considerate in life.

  1. Well-Travelled

A well-travelled guy not only has interesting tales to tell but also has a sense of mystery and adventure attached to him. This conveys to a woman that the relationship will be an adventure in itself, and he will take her places.

  1. Good To Your Family

If you have a good relationship with your family, it automatically gives you brownie points with your lady for being there for them.

  1. A Good Cook

If you know how to cook a three-course meal, be assured that your culinary skills will win her over for good. Now you know that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

Bonus Here are 6 Female gestures that make men fall for her.!!

Women can be totally adorable and crazy at the same time! They hold a very special place in men’s hearts. Women will always care immensely for the man they love. No man can do without the love of a woman.Man nurture many gestures of women, apart from calling him again and again, childish behavior while doing something, or even wasting too many hours in shopping. This article will tell you exactly which gestures men love about a woman.Let’s see them!!

Hugging like this!

This is by far the most adorable behavior of a woman that men adore. They actually look forward to hugs like these.

He loves it when you play with his hair!

If you’re wondering whether he’ll like it when you play with his hair, here’s the answer: Yes, of course, he will! Men consider it as a sign of love, and care when you do that! So, go ahead!

Share what you feel via social media!

He likes it when you express how much you love him on social media!


He will surely like it when you give him a chance to speak while you listen to him attentively!

Call or text him even if you’re busy!

It takes just a second to text somebody that you miss them. Go ahead and do that!

He actually loves PDA!

Display your affection for him publically. Hold hands in public, play with his hair, correct his outfit. He will love you even more if you do that!


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