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The day that you got engaged likely seems like a whirlwind in your mind. It was a day that marked the beginning of the next chapter in your life and was filled with its fair share of surprises. While you want to take some time to take at the moment, it is also probably dawning on you that there are now a number of things that you will have to take care of going forward.

You might have already been thinking a little bit about what you want your wedding to be like, but now is the time when you finally get to start turning some of those ideas into concrete plans. Moreover, there are a variety of other smaller events and things that you will need to get done in the time between your engagement and your big day.

If your head is still spinning a bit following your engagement and you are hoping to get your ducks in a row for the coming months, here are three of the main things that you should do once you get engaged.

1. Make a Budget

One of the most important things that you should do once you get engaged is to start working out your budget for your wedding. It is no secret that weddings can be incredibly expensive and, if you are hoping to keep costs low then you need to establish just how much you are going to spend on the event right off the bat.

As you make your budget, make sure that you are breaking costs down by item. You will most likely spend the most on your venue and catering, while things like your décor and a wedding band should also come near the top of the list. Do your research by looking for local venues in your area and looking up bands on alivenetwork.com to find out what you can expect to spend on your wedding day.

2. Narrow Down on Your Potential Wedding Date

Even though it might still be a bit early to truly set a date, you will want to take a bit of time to figure out roughly when you will be getting married. Not only is everyone going to be asking you when your wedding is going to be, but you will also want to be able to start making a few rough plans.

As you are choosing when you plan to get married, think about how long you want your engagement to be and what time of the year you want to get married. Whether you are dreaming of a snow-covered winter wedding or a late spring event, this is the best place to start with your wedding plans.

3. Go On a Date With Your Fiancé

With all of the excitement surrounding your engagement, sometimes the most important thing to do is to stay connected with one another as an engaged couple. Plan a nice date night just for the two of you so that you can truly start to enjoy this new season of your life together.