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Do you know that more than 80% of brands have already adopted a video marketing strategy? If a business is still not launching video marketing campaigns, it might fall behind in the race. Customers heavily rely on videos to make purchasing decisions. Consumers navigate through products and services available in the market via video content. Gone are the days when brands focused more on in-person marketing techniques. With challenges like COVID-19, the demand for video marketing is expected to rise. That demand is what is keeping Miami video production companies busy. Read on to know how video content is indispensable for your business in 2022.

Brand videos are highly accessible

When a brand invests in a marketing campaign, it wants the campaign to reach a wider audience. Customers might be lazy when it comes to reading a lengthy product description. On the other hand, they might easily digest a short explainer video demonstrating any product. Internet users prefer to watch brand videos more than any other type of content. They constantly browse brand videos on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. In terms of accessibility, videos stand above all types of marketing content.

Apart from being beneficial to viewers, videos are also beneficial to marketers. One can combine music, text, images, and much more in a brand video. In short, you can tell much more via a video than any other digital content. Traditional industry jargon can clearly be explained via a video. There will be no communication challenges as videos easily convey the information to the consumers. Even scientific studies have shown that videos are highly accessible by our minds. Accessibility is a crucial factor for content marketing, and videos enhance it. What’s the point of creating content that cannot be accessed easily by consumers/viewers?

Due to their accessibility, videos can be used for promoting more complex products like tech or SaaS. It will be easier to get people to take action if they understand what your products do exactly and how they can be used. Investing in Saas explainer video production, you can get a memorable video that helps you communicate with your target audience efficiently

Video content drives value

Around 90% of marketers have said that video marketing has helped them find new customers. Video marketing helps a brand drive value in the true sense. Value can be added to the ROI (Return on Investment) or brand reputation with the help of videos. Consider the example of the recent COVID pandemic, where brands struggled to drive sales. However, few brands remained in the minds of consumers by sharing videos during the pandemic. Even if shops were closed during the pandemic, some brands kept enhancing their brand reputation by sharing videos.

Do you know that videos have 12 times more shareability than any other type of content? Viewers can connect with a brand video and share it with peers and family members. When many viewers share videos, a business experiences growth in reach. As a result, more potential consumers interact with a business, and sales are rocketed. In 2022, businesses have understood the importance of videos and are investing heavily in video marketing. The investment required for creating brand videos is less, but the returns are higher. No other type of content can offer such reach with limited funds.

Slash marketing costs by making brand videos

Every business wants to spend less on marketing but gain higher returns. It is possible to drive sales with videos even with a little investment. Who says a business needs a production house and a large crew to make brand videos? A business can create attention-grabbing videos and boost engagement even with limited funds. Technical advancements over the years have made video production cheaper. The biggest example is that businesses do not have to hire expert video creators in 2022. Even if someone is a novice, they can use an online video maker to create exciting videos.

Online video editors come with pre-set options to create brand videos quickly. Consider the example of pre-made templates offered by video editors. Anyone can create a buzzing video with a pre-made template by importing media elements. Some small businesses consider video editing as a typical process and ignore it.

Small businesses are also scared about the costs involved in using video editors. Contrary to popular belief, video editors do not require more funds. Many popular video editors now offer free trials/versions for small-scale businesses. Once a small business has generated ample revenue, it can switch to advanced video editors that require a subscription. Like video editors, other gadgets needed to make a video are now available at low prices. Over the years, microphones, speakers, lights, and recorders have become more affordable for small businesses.

Tell a story with the help of video marketing

Videos are important for businesses because it helps them communicate a story. Emotions, stories, and social messages can be easily conveyed via a video. A video can make viewers emotional or sensitive quickly, something that other types of content lack. Several times, you must have seen internet users become empathic towards a brand. It happens because a brand story or a social message might get stuck in viewers’ minds.

Ask any expert marketer, and they will suggest that videos shouldn’t be only sales-centric. The idea is to convey emotions and build a connection with potential consumers watching the video. Once customers relate to the brand, sales will automatically go sky-high. With video marketing, a business can generate customer loyalty which cannot be done via any other type of content.

Don’t forget the value of SEO

Content optimization is the key to enhancing the reach. Do you know that web crawlers prefer videos more than any other media type? It is why expert marketers suggest having a video on the brand’s landing page. The official website of a business will secure a higher rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) if videos are embedded in the website.

Bottom line

With videos, any business can present the best version of themselves to customers. One can share entertaining videos or educational content with customers. By sharing videos, any brand can build an omnichannel presence and create a buzz in the market. Adopt a video marketing strategy and boost business continuity in 2022!