woman exercising indoors

Motivation can be difficult, especially when you’re expected to provide this yourself. Some people find it most effective to let a tight deadline do the work for them, leaving things as late as they can possibly be left, but this won’t always be an option.

Exercise is something that you likely know you have to include in your life one way or the other, but something that you also find it difficult to motivate yourself to do. However, finding a technique that works for you can be massively beneficial, as it will allow you to enjoy all of the mental and physical benefits that a more active lifestyle can bring.

A Reward System

Perhaps one of the more straightforward ways that you can motivate yourself is to simply look at the time you have available and then divide it between the chore (in this case, exercise) and the reward you give yourself for getting that chore out of the way. The exact nature of this reward will depend on what you personally find enjoyable, but if your whole day is a free one, this might simply mean doing what you actually want to do with this time, such as simply relaxing. Half an hour of exercise might mean that you allow yourself half an hour of reading or playing casino games Australia.

Thinking of your time in this way might get you thinking in a more productive way, becoming more conscious of the amount of time you spend on any given hobby. 

An Exercise That You Enjoy

Another way to motivate yourself might be to simply change the nature of the exercise. Perhaps the reason that you’ve been so averse to it is that you’re thinking of it through a certain lens that makes it feel unenjoyable to you. However, exercise is an enormously varied field, and there is bound to be one form of it that you find preferable to another. For example, running is quick, convenient, and something that anyone can do, basically wherever they live. However, it’s not to everyone’s liking, and it’s not the only choice that you have.

Instead, you might find it more appealing to pick up one of the many tutorial videos available through sites like YouTube and get started with yoga, this being something you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

Combine it with Other Interests

Maybe the best approach, if you’re struggling to get yourself to exercise, is to trick your brain into incorporating it into your schedule. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys gaming, mobile titles like Pokemon Go might get you out and walk. You feel like you’re doing this because you enjoy the game, but the fact that you’re getting in some exercise on the side is a happy accident. You might feel that seeing your friends and going on a walk with them or playing a sport with them could be the main appeal, but either activity could prove to be good for your health.