Instagram’s popularity has gained an upwards momentum in mere few years. It is almost right next to Facebook, with its approximately 100 million active users. With a community as big as Instagram, one does feel that there must be no reason to lose following, if anything, followers should be increasing, right?

All this time, you may have been trying to figure out a solution as to why you keep losing your Instagram following. This may be because you might be making some mistakes along the way.

Read on to find out what these mistakes might be.

Irregular Posts

One of the major reasons why a lot of people tend to lose Instagram followers rapidly is because they may be posting at irregular intervals or may not be posting at all, consequently boring their audience. In order to stay on top of the algorithm and relevant to your following, you must post almost every other day. You should be posting gripping material to keep your followers in the loop and entertained. A regular posting schedule is imperative.

Purchasing Instagram Accounts

It’s a very common thing among big pages to buy Instagram followers cheap, however, it increases the risk of your following decreasing due to Instagram’s policy.

If you observed a substantial decrease in the number of your followers, it is highly likely that this might be due to the anti-spam algorithm that Instagram has. It picks out every bot account and terminates it, which consequently might get removed from your following as if that account never even existed!

Too Many Promotions

Your followers have the free will to follow and unfollow whosoever they like or whosoever brings them better content. Therefore, if you find yourself posting a lot and the sole purpose of your posts is to promote yourself or a product, people tend to get annoyed and after a bit, self-promotion becomes a nuisance for your audience, ultimately resulting in them unfollowing you.

Might Be Just a Glitch After All

Instagram has had glitching problems in the past where many individuals found themselves losing their followers overnight. If you are experiencing follower loss, this might just be due to a technical glitch.

Summing Up

To conclude, no matter what happens to your account, you must always be prepared and have strategies to increase the quality and value you are providing to your followers.