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One of the most common situations of our time is young people’s dissatisfaction with their work and working conditions. In fact, surveys conducted in recent years show that more than half of young people would prefer to work in a different field. In fact, they state that they are bored with their work, they feel unchallenged, and at the first opportunity, they would change their environment and position if they were given this opportunity.

And why not? Obviously, because at this time, there are a lot of things going on in the world, and people don’t feel safe enough to make changes. Life isn’t as easy as playing with Free Bets. You have to try and chase your career. We fully understand this, and in no case will we try to convince you otherwise. However, there is a solution to the problem which many young people face when they are about to start their professional life. Which is it? To combine their hobby with their profession. It seems simple when you hear it, however, it is challenging when you try to put it into practice. Not impossible, though. In the end, so many have already done it before you. You won’t be the first, and certainly, you won’t be the last.

Below are 6 key steps that we believe will get you closer to your goal.

1. Define your hobbies

All people have hobbies and favorite pastimes without exception. After all, don’t think that hobbies are just about sports and music. And we clarify this because there are many who confuse them. Hobbies can be reading books, watching movies, and even doing business or law. Everyone has something that suits them and fills them. As long as you determine what your hobbies are. And we emphasize “which,” in the plural, because it wouldn’t be wise to focus only on one occupation without the slightest alternative and variety.

2. Try them in practice

Obviously, it is not enough to make a list of what you like to do on a theoretical level. It would help if you saw in practice whether or not something meets your expectations. For example, you may be a fan of football or basketball and think that the profession of sports writer is tailor-made for you. It may or may not be true. If you don’t try, you will never be 100% sure. Start by writing texts or commenting on matches for your enjoyment or for your personal blog. You can work voluntarily for a small site, and if you see that everything goes as you imagined, you are on a very good path and your choice has reached a goal. You found what you were looking for!

3. Realize where you are best

In the age of ruthless and constant competition, it is not enough to like what you do and to fill yourself as a person to turn it into a profession successfully. It also plays a role and something else, especially important. Be good at it. To be precise, among the best! Otherwise, we would all be band guitarists, soccer strikers, NASA astronauts, or CEOs at Apple and Facebook. Therefore, talent and inclinations should also be elements that will give basis and value.

4. Identify opportunities

The last stage of “preparation.” Particularly important and perhaps the most difficult. You have already decided what you like to do both theoretically and practically. Have you already identified your inclinations and talents, and now what is left? To see if and which of your hobbies meet the requirements of the market. What to do if you are crazy about planting pineapples since there may be no such demand in your country? On the other hand, you don’t want to deal with a saturated sector and demand is much lower than supply. As in all situations in this life, the location of the golden ratio is required.

5. Do the coveted “conversion.”

Now, you are done with all the preparation. From the moment you found the “gap” in the market, all that remains is to cover it as worthily as possible and in the most convincing way possible. However, we warn you, this process alone can’t be described as easy. You have to follow a specific tactic, take advantage of all your acquaintances and open every door that is in your path. Some of these doors will take you back, some will leave you stationary, and only a few will bring you closer to your destination. It’s your duty, however, to locate these few doors that exist somewhere out there.

6. Do not give up … immediately

What do you need in the end? The two virtues that always and everywhere are needed. Patience combined with perseverance. Whatever you decide to do, it’s mathematically certain that sooner or later, you will have rejections. What makes the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful, however, is how many times one can bear to get up stronger and more determined than before. Several? Then you are on a very good path. Of course, it is also important to distinguish when it is time to give up, go back and do something else. The thin line that indicates these two is difficult to determine. And even more challenging to balance on it. But if you aim not just to turn your hobby into a profession but a successful career, then you should do the acrobat. Or rather, be the acrobat!