What is 4K?

4K is the abbreviation often used for the term 4K resolution HD. Regular HD is 1920 X 1080 pixels while 4K HD is 3480 X 2160 pixels. In short, 4K has twice the resolution of regular HD. TV, computer, and mobile device manufacturers are now making TVs, computer monitors, tablets, and phones that display 4K HD and there are more and more 4K cameras being made. Another area that has started adopting 4K is virtual reality. The improved clarity of 4K helps make the VR experience that much more incredible.

4K in the Adult Entertainment World

The adult entertainment industry has long been a leader in online technology adoption. They were among the first to embrace streaming video and mouseover video previews. From a business side, they adopted the membership and affiliate models quickly and used them to great effect. So, it should come as no surprise that they have championed 4K HD.

The industry has been shooting video content in 4K for a while now. Most companies that shoot original content are shooting it in 4K. Live webcams that broadcast in 4K have become more and more popular allowing cam models to stream incredibly high-quality video from anywhere. From there, virtual reality began shooting in 4K.

Creating virtual reality content offers unique challenges. The nature of the video and everything that must be captured can cause some videos to have low resolution. In recent times, as 4K has become more and more commonplace the quality has improved greatly. Now, VR streams can look so crisp and clear that they look and feel real.

SexLikeReal is a virtual reality and sexual wellness site that catalogs all of the virtual reality videos being produced in VR. The SexLikeReal 4K section of their site makes finding the highest quality videos on the site easy. They have a huge library with thousands of VR videos from all over the world (with a quickly growing 4K section) presented and organized on a single, easy-to-use app.

Will 8K Replace 4K?

In short, the answer is yes. 8K HD resolution is 7680 X 4320 pixels in resolution giving it roughly twice the resolution of 4K and four times the resolution of regular HD. While 4K is becoming the standard with most companies now making 4K compatible devices, 8K is still a little ways away from becoming the new standard. TVs and devices that can display 8K are still pretty expensive with an 8K TV costing quite a bit more than a 4K TV. In addition, there are not a whole lot of companies making content in 8K, yet. More and more are starting to, but with the hardware still expensive and the gaming world not yet creating a lot of titles in 8K, it will likely be a while before it takes the place of 4K.

Another issue with 8K is how the human eye views it. Like any TV or display, the further away from it you get the lower the quality of the picture. With 8K there are so many lines of resolution, that it can become blurry quickly as you move away from it. It is suggested by experts that the optimal viewing range for a 60-inch screen is between 2 and 4 feet. Many people may find sitting that close to the TV unpleasant. As technology advances, developers hope to resolve that problem.

VR May be the Future of 4K and 8K

The wide viewing range of VR content lends itself to the large number of pixels and resolution of 8K. While there are plenty of VR viewers that can handle 4K, there are very few that can handle 8K and even less 8K content. As the gaming world and adult entertainment worlds continue to adopt 8K, it should become more affordable and common.

Now, however, 4K is the king of the block. SexLikeReal has an entire 4K section of their site so you can quickly and easily find the highest resolution VR videos. No matter if you are looking for a video game, a regular movie, or some adult entertainment, 4K resolution will help make that experience more realistic and enjoyable.