5 Best Facts That State The Couples Who Truly Love Each Other Gain Weight


Couple gain weight-Have you ever thought of the happy couples? Well, many of us are so glad to see the couples happy. But there are facts associated with them. They love the sounds which are far-fetched. The couples those who are so excited together will gain weight. It gives the indication of their true love for each other. Many statements speak in favor of fact. They must be happy with their relationship and married life.

Study shows that couple gain weight who truly love each other

5 Best facts that say couple gain weight who truly love each other

According to the studies, many facts have been carried out, and hence everyone has learned something new about them and examined them. And it will tell you about the results of the researches.

Here is the married couple who gained weight

It was out by the research by the University of North Carolina those who followed the weight measurement for more than 8,000 people. And according to the results, the married women can gain an average weight of 24 pounds during the starting five to six years of her marriage. Also, women who were in the live-in relationship gained around 22 pounds of the total weight, and the partner gained approximately 13 pounds of the total weight.

Also, men gained from the transition from the single person to being in the relationship. Men gained the weight which made them double than what they were before the marriage or the relationship.

Also, the couple with the right relationship was only able to show such kind results as stated by the studies. There is a strong association for the romantic relationship and also among the obesity-related effects. If you have gained weight, then that might mean that the couple had enjoyed the longterm bond with each other. You will find a significant decrease in drinking and smoking abuse which might even show that how will the couple pursue a healthy lifestyle together.

For the newlywed couples

Well, the scientists also conducted the experiments to find out if the newly wedded couples gained weight had the positive or the adverse effects of reflection on happiness or not. The studies conducted for couples with the marriage of four years. The scientists studied the emotional health and the level of stress among those people. And then according to the consequences, it was out that happily married couples had put on the double weight. And those who were not happy have not gained a significant weight then. They had even lost some amount of it.

And people also said that the happily married couples gained weight because they do not want to impress and attract others and the partners. They want to live life in the way they want.  But the unhappy couples will not gain weight due to stress. They feel worried regarding the issues in their relationship and hence are under pressure.

Gaining weight is contagious.

Well, again for finding out more results it was out that happy couples gaining weight are contagious. If one of the two will gain weight, then there are 73% chances that the partner will also learn the same. It is all due to adapting the habits of each other. They spend time together and indulge themselves with each other’s habits. Well, those who are unhappy do not like spending time together. They soon avoid each other and hence will not adapt to the patterns of each other.

People even analyzed the social environment around you. Try to recognize the habits and the mutual activities of the happy couples and then they concluded that the mutual gaining of weight would drive both the individuals in the psychological manner which might influence one another with the eating habits.

Well, no matter if the studies are by the health professionalists, the reviews are for the instances in the world not for the whole world. It is all due to exceptions, but that does not mean you will always gain weight by being happy. It is all our assumptions to guess the living condition of the person through their health.

The vital role is to influence each other positively with healthy eating habits and the best lifestyle.