Hair growth can take time and from some of the best hair transplant Turkey clinics to supplements on the market brought to you by several of the leading pharmaceutical distribution uk services, preventing thinning is easier than ever before. But what if these hair solutions are not working to aid hair growth the way you would have expected? To help you grow your hair, we will be providing you with insight into 5 gadgets that you can use to help you achieve long flowing locks.

Kerastase Hair Coach

When the technology world and the beauty world cross over, you can be sure that the product you get will be revolutionary to the industry, but the Kerastase hair coach has taken the job of caring for your hair and made it easier than ever before. With an application that clearly displays the damage that your hair has seen as well as the level of tangling and dryness, you can begin to tailor your hair care routine to ensure your hair is in the best health.

By running the brush through your hair, the microphone embedded between the bristles can detect static as well as fizziness to help prevent damage. In addition to this, it also has a gyroscope and an accelerometer to help access the speed that you are brushing your hair as well as how forceful you brush your hair.

HairMax LaserBand

In addition to the Kerastase hairbrush, there are also other hair products such as the laser band that can stimulate the growth of the hair from the follicle. With 82 built-in medical-grade lasers all packed into a portable headband, you can begin to stimulate the follicle and maintain the strength of the hair with ease. With the parting teeth in the front of the band, you can move your hair to expose the scalp to make sure the laser helps the health of the hair.

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ReGrow Hair Growth Helmet

With a number of lasers all built into a hair growth helmet, you can have the power of hair growth within 3-4 months. With a simple to wear the design as well as built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, you can begin to stimulate the growth of your hair and listen to music for a comfortable experience for the best possible results. With repeated use every day for 30 mins, you can begin to stimulate the hair from the root without using any harsh chemicals.

Igrow Laser Helmet

In addition to the regrow helmet, there are a number of other options such as the Igrow helmet. With a slightly more tailored design, you have headphones built-in as well as a number of lasers to stimulate the hair and allow you to completely relax when doing so. With iPod and MP3 interface as well as 4 adjustable fit columns for any head size, you can begin to stimulate the hair with ease. In addition to this, the FDA cleared products that can increase hair count by as much as 35% in males and 37% in females in 16 weeks.

Capillus Laser Cap

The final at-home treatment for hair loss that is highly beneficial for your hair is the laser cap. With a comfortable design and adjustable strap, this can stimulate the hair and can be worn around the house for up to 30 mins. Though this does not have any separator teeth to get deeper into the hair, this can help to stimulate hair growth within the first 5 months.

With this in mind, there are a number of at-home gadgets that can all be used to give you a clinic level of treatment without a visit to your local hair clinic. Which of these will you be trying first?