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We all have a healthy libido when we’re young. Mother Nature ensures that we procreate, yet you can’t take a healthy sex drive for granted. There are lots of things that can impact a person’s desire for sex, and here are a few examples.

  • Overwork – If you are a workaholic, sex is probably the last thing on your mind; the smart entrepreneur sets aside some play time, which might not be very often. When you overwork your mind or body, you need rest and sleep, and even sex toys don’t seem to hit that hot button. The best way to get your libido back is to take some time off and make sure you work out daily, as physical activity is important. If possible, take a short break and whisk your partner off to a country cottage; you deserve it, and you can rekindle that romance.
  • Financial woes – If you are getting red letter notices and final demand phone calls, this can impact your libido; stress is a known killer, and the best solution is to address the debt head-on! When the pressure is on, it is natural for the body to focus on what it considers important; if you are able, wipe those thoughts from your mind and book a table for two at her favorite eatery, then have an early night and enjoy the moment.
  • Alcohol – Drinking to excess leads to erectile dysfunction and is generally a fast track to serious health issues. If you know that alcohol is impacting your life in a negative way, recognition is half the battle; there are organizations that offer support; you need to make some changes to your lifestyle – tell your drinking buddies that you are off the alcohol and the real friends are the ones who’ll support you, making a point of not drinking in your presence. It doesn’t mean you have to be teetotal for the rest of your life, although that is a good move. At least abstain for a while, then you can enjoy a drink when the time is right.
  • Prescription medication – Doctors hand out opiates for just about everything, and with most prescription painkillers, loss of sex drive is a common side effect. Do consult with your doctor if you feel your meds are causing a loss of sex drive, and he or she will probably change your medication, and things will return to normal.
  • Depression –The past few years have seen a spike in suicides, not just in Australia. Indeed, this is a global issue; the lockdowns seriously affected many, losing their jobs and be cut off from the community. Most people with mental health issues lose their sex drive, and there are online counselors who are happy to listen and offer support.

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