Video blogging is a way of making money on the Internet that involves blogging in video format. Such a line is popular because it gives an opportunity to receive a constant, high income while doing your favorite thing. For this reason, many users wonder how to become a Youtuber. To master the specialty, no special skills are required. You just need to understand where to start blogging and prepare the necessary technique.

It is necessary to think up a name for your blog. The nickname must meet such conditions:

Uniqueness. Nick should be a single copy. Otherwise, the name will be confused with other users, which will reduce the attendance of the channel. For the repetition of another name, the channel can be closed.

Easy to read and remember. It is not recommended to use a lot of numbers and symbols. The simpler the name, the faster it will be remembered.

Relevance to the subject matter. It is recommended to include in the name a hint at the content of the video.

Should come up with the design of the page. This is the face of a person leading a “live” magazine, so you should come up with a bright, memorable, and interesting design. Use different programs, particularly Photoshop. Check Gennady Yagupov’s portfolio here.

Then you can start filling the page.

Necessary equipment for blogging

To shoot clips and post clips on the network, you will need the following:

-A computer or laptop with a powerful processor;

-Internet with high speed;

-a microphone with good sound quality, so viewers can clearly hear all the words;

-a video camera to take pictures or a smartphone with a good camera;

-programs to help edit the blog, as well as applications to record clips from a laptop or computer;

– background – it is recommended to choose a green color for the design;


Such equipment will be needed to fill a professional channel with quality connectivity. For beginners, a headphone microphone, a smartphone and high-speed internet is enough. When the channel will be profitable, the missing equipment is purchased.

Determining the topic

Videooblogger must decide on the subject, so that his videos interested viewers. Only in this case, the channel will get subscribers.

The following topics are popular:

  • any reviews – technology, toys, etc.;

– Passage of any computer games;

– Humorous videos – such videos will only be popular if they are really funny;


  • beauty – this is where face, body, and hair care products, makeup rules, and other similar issues are discussed;
  • Live feeds;
  • interesting facts about various events that few people are familiar with;
  • Theories and they’re revealing;
  • Lifecycles;

training, etc.

These are not all the topics for a mini-magazine. The main thing is that the user understands what he says, and the topic is interesting. It is recommended to choose 2-3 options and choose from them the appropriate direction.

To do this, you need to determine the following:

Competence in the issue being covered;

“chip” that will distinguish the clips from similar videos;

whether the audience will be interested in listening to information on the selected topic;

what new stories can be told about the selected issue;

how often the clips will be filmed and posted on the network.

Only a detailed analysis will help you decide on the right direction and start earning.

Creating your channel

When the topic is chosen, you should move on to the creation of the channel on YouTube. To do this, you should follow this order of action:

Create an account in Google. Professionals advise linking a valid phone number. This will open access to all the functions of the site and allow you to regain access to the account if the need arises.

Go to the YouTube site. In the upper right corner, open the menu. Find “Create Channel” and click on it.

In the form that opens, enter the name of your channel. Click the “Done” button.

The page is ready to add your video.


When your channel is created, you need to design the page. You should think carefully about the following points:

  • channel design – basic design tones, main pictures, creation of a character if the blogger will not show his face;
  • cap design;
  • logo and avatar design.

It is recommended to approach such nuances with the utmost responsibility. If the design is done correctly, the viewers will recognize the channel among thousands of pages, which will increase attendance. It is important to create a memorable character if broadcasting is done without showing the face.

In addition, it is important to create a splash screen that meets the following requirements:

maximum duration – 3 seconds;

uniqueness – you can not copy a screensaver from other participants in the project;


musical soundtrack.

Many users do without a screensaver. However, to become a successful blogger, it is important to follow all the rules for creating a clip. They include the creation of a screen saver.

The required number of clips.

To become a popular blogger, you need to post videos regularly. It is recommended to follow these rules:

Shoot and post videos regularly. Stick to a certain periodicity so that users know when there is a new story. We recommend adding clips twice a week. Frequency varies, depending on the availability of free time and topics to cover.

Shoot only high-quality videos, especially if you plan a long-term job. It is recommended to supplement your videos with special effects to increase the attractiveness of the clips.

Keep an eye out for new products. The more relevant the news, the more viewers will want to watch the video.

Only quality videos regularly posted on the channel will bring you popularity and give you the opportunity to make good profits.

How to promote your channel?

In order for a channel to become known, its subscribers should know about it. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the project. There are several ways to do this:

with the help of advertising on other channels – to do this, you need to find popular sites and pay the owner for a place for the link;

through comments – in this case, view thematic videos of other projects and leave a link to your page;

through major networks – providing links to the clips to subscribers in other social networks;

selection of names for search engines – this will allow viewers to go to the channel from any search engine.

If you do promotion of the channel in different ways, you can achieve better results.