5 Best Theft Tricks To keep Your Car Safe


Tricks to keep your car safe-In the last year, from January to April, around 13,700 vehicles got stolen as noted in the statistics of Russian traffic police. Well, the amount is about 10% less than that of 2017. The USA has stood first in case of car theft points. According to the data, around 773,139 thefts to the car took place in 2017 in the USA.

Well, the issue is a big one. We want a decrease in the number. Also, the next problem is people are in the high afraid to put their cars at risk. Well, we have performed the research, and then we are with some of the best methods to deal with the problem.

Coin in the handle of the door

5 Tricks to keep your car safe from the thief

Well, it is one of the most inventive ploys by which you can unlock the car in two minutes. The thief will go with the coin into the handle of the door from the side of passengers. Well, they do because drivers do not pay attention to the door when they are alone. But when the driver closes the car, then the lock with keychain will work. Thus it would make a sound as per requirement. But with that, the central lock to open the car will block because of the insertion of the coin. Hence the vehicle will remain open. Thus it is good if you will look around before and after the locking of the car.

Breaking in with the help of OBD port

Well, all the cars have OBD ports. Through this, it is easy to access the computer of the vehicle. Thus you can work to diagnose the same. But you can even disable the standard alarm and thus unlock the doors and break the equipment with OBD. The primary by which you can protect the port of OBD is:

For all cars, the port connector is standard. Thus you can alter its shape in which you may even locate the wires. It would turn the equipment of the car thieves to be useless.

An empty bottle

The theft generally occurs with the semi-empty parking lot. And thus we can conclude it to be simple. A thief can place an empty bottle in between the tier and the fender from the side of the passenger. It is because the drivers will not notice it with immediate action. Thus when it is the time for the owner to come back to the car and then move it, then he would get some loud and frightening sound from the bottle. And when the driver listens to the noise, he will come out of the car and see what has happened. In the meantime, theft would take place.

Cranky alarm one of the best tricks to keep your car safe from the thief

It happens to be when we park the car in a yard. Thieves will throw away the object somewhere on the car, but it would not harm it. It is to turn on the alarm of the vehicle. Thus with that, the owner will get impatient, and the neighbors will ask for the silence. With that, the owner will turn off the alarm and thieves can readily perform their actions. No matter if they cannot steal the car, they will at least get some valuable parts of it.

A woman’s bag

The trick is useful at the traffic lights. It happens when you have entered a crowd less place. Many people would expect to place or even carry the bag with money and some other documents inside the car. But they do not lock the door when in motion. Now it is easy for the thief to come and open the door of the vehicle from the passenger side and thus grab your money. And when the owner gets out of the car to find the thief, then he would even lose his car with that. But the plan would fail when he will not move out and let it go.

The same case is with the beggars who would come to you while lights and ask for money. They will distract your eyes from your belongings, and the next person will go and steal them. Thus you should be attentive about such matters.