7 Everyday Secrets That’ll Save Your Clothes


Secrets to saving clothes-Human beings never stop learning as there is so much knowledge available in nature from which we can learn something new every day.

We human normally use our things in a certain way or how they are meant to be used but what if you can use these things in a different way and there is no need to spend extra money to buy items. These amazing hacks can make your life much easier in an unexpected way and also saves your time and money.

What are the secrets to saving clothes

Secrets to saving clothes

Look at the secrets to saving clothes-Use a vinegar soaked cotton ball and with the help of it eliminate the ink stuff from your bag very easily. This method is very helpful and effective

Get rid of small wrinkles by simply using a flat iron

Wrinkles on T-shirt and shirts occur very commonly after wash but this hack is very beneficial for you in keeping your dress wrinkle free. You can press your light weighted clothes by using a flat iron.

Sanitary pads are very helpful in eliminating bad odor from your shoes.

Now you don’t need a dryer to dry off your shoe moisture, as all you need is a sanitary pad and believe me this is amazing and it works in drying off your shoe moisture and keep the bad odor away. Just place the pad inside your shoes for 2 hours. We also have 10 other best life hacks which will keep your clothes alive

Waterproof Sneakers in Rainy season

In order to make your sneakers waterproof in rainy days, all you just need to apply a small layer of wax over your shoes and blow dry it. This result is 100% effective.

Eliminate scratches from your shoes with petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly helps to remove the scratches from the shoes and makes it look new and shiny again.

Use a razor to get rid of fluff from your clothes

You can easily get rid of those fluffs from your clothes by simply rubbing the razor over the clothes as shown in the picture.

Removing sweat stains from your clothes

Lemon and baking soda mixture are very effective in eliminating the sweat stains from clothes.