7 Fad Diet That Can Ruin Your Health


Diets that can ruin your health-People stick to different diets for a variety of reasons. It could be health, religion, age, or weight loss. Whatever the reason, your health should be a priority. Is the food you eat good for your health? Will the consumption have any long-term effects? There are a variety of “healthy” diets available but not are actually beneficial for your health.

Below are seven fad diets that can ruin your health.

Raw Foods

7 Fad Diets That Can Ruin Your Health

Raw foods have a lot of valuable nutrients without the added preservatives and additives in processed foods. The diet claims that eating raw foods preserve nutrients, but proven facts show that cooking certain vegetables make them more nutritious.

There is also a problem with eating a lot of raw foods as it can have a bad effect on oral health. The more you consume raw nuts, fruits and seeds, the higher you risk damaging your teeth. The sugars present in the fruits can result in decaying of the teeth. The seeds can also get stuck, especially if you wear dentures, and can encourage the growth of bacteria.

Martha’s Vineyard Dieting

Martha’s style requires no effort. According to her, you should avoid anything that requires chewing for 21 days. During this time, you should also stop exercising and only take supplements that have a laxative-effect, which means you’ll drink something every two hours. Your choice of drink should be healthy—a glass of green juice or water. You should also have a coffee enema done on a regular basis. The problem with this diet, though, is that taking liquids slows down your metabolism. Besides being weak, you will definitely lose bodily fluids and muscle mass.

The Tapeworm Diet

This method requires that you ingest tapeworm eggs. Huh! The goal is to have the tapeworms consume the food in your stomach when you eat. Yes, you will lose weight because the tapeworms will be taking away all the nutrients the body needs. Not only that—parasites can wreak havoc on your system. While worm medicine is usually prescribed for getting rid of the worms, there are places in your body that they can migrate to that medicine cannot control.

Small Meals

This is a good move to adopt as it has helped some persons. The diet requires that you take small bites as often as possible throughout the day. While taking smaller bites can be beneficial, it has its drawbacks. Smaller meals, especially if not healthy, can deprive the body of the nutrients it really needs. It can also have a bad effect on oral health as it will require that you brush often which can cause damage to your teeth.

The five-Bite Diet

This diet is a popular type to counter weight gain. Perhaps you must have practiced it a couple of times, if not once. The diet suggests that you skip breakfast; however, you can eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner, provided you stick to five bites only.

It may sound appealing, but, crash meals slow the metabolism and have a bad effect on your immune health as they lack nutrient-dense foods. You might lose weight, but you will hardly get enough nutrients by sticking to five bites only, let alone the type of bites you’re taking.

An alternative to this meal plan is the ketogenic diet which is good for gut health, and entails you eating less carbs and a higher portion of healthy fats.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Dieting

This form of dieting limits your daily intake of calories to 500 for some weeks. This hormone makes your brain assume you are pregnant, speeding up your body’s metabolism. But what is more devastating is the lack of scientific proof of its effectiveness. You may be tricked to believe that it works when you lose weight, but the loss of weight could be due to the low amount of calories you take per day and not the effect of the hormone. HCG also has side effects such as blood clotting, depression, and the swelling of breast tissues.


This is another weird way to eliminate excess body fat. It entails you staring at the sun to lose weight. Experts claim that even though you’ll only manage to stare at the sun for a few minutes, it’s something that can be mastered if you practice often.


As you withstand more sunshine, your appetite will diminish, and the sun will provide you with more energy.  However, this is just a myth—reason being—you will likely get skin cancer through prolonged sun-exposure.

Additionally, your body requires food for its normal operations which you won’t get from staring at the sun.

At this point, you should be aware of the different types of dieting options out there. Eating fads will not make you healthy. No one is more concerned about your health than yourself. Take charge of your body by monitoring what you put into it. Eat only wholesome foods, get regular exercise, take a natural supplement if necessary, and drink plenty of water. Good health to you.