If you have ever shopped for houseplants, you would admit that the selection process includes the beauty and maintenance requirements. Good-looking plants demanding less care, like succulents are everyone’s favorite. These factors are essential while selecting plants; however, the significant factor that is much ignored is benefits.

Every plant is a pot of beauty as well as a storehouse of benefits, the health benefits. Some cleanse the air while the others heal the skin. And, all these health benefits of indoor plants are well-documented. The 1989 NASA experiment revealed that certain houseplants are natural air-purifiers and humidifiers. Several pieces of research have shown that embracing plants lead to fewer stress levels and much happiness.

Here is a list of houseplants that you can and should nurture and nourish for health and well-being. Plus all listed plants do not demand much care, thus making it easy for you to have them around.

  1. Skin Ailments–Aloe Vera: This succulent beauty is found in the home of every plant and non-plant lover. But, have you ever wondered why is it so loved? Aloe Vera is a plant of substantial healing properties. It is used to heal skin ailments. The gel-like substance found in the inner area of the leaf can be applied to treat sunburns, frostbites, psoriasis, and to soothe irritated skin.
  2. Mind-Body Stress–Lavender: This purple beauty gives you not one but many reasons to adore it in your home. Apart from its distinctive beauty, its health benefits, especially for the brain, are miraculous. The pleasing aroma of Lavender is said to be a potential stress reliever. Therefore, aromatic candles, balms, and skincare products are often made with Lavender.
  3. Allergies– English Ivy: Your home is as polluted as the outside world. If you find yourself sneezing or a member of your family is suffering from allergies, then consider bringing home English Ivy. Airborne particles can trigger several allergic reactions, and that can be treated naturally by this plant. English Ivy also helps Asthamic patients have a restful sleep by purifying the environment so that they can breathe easily.
  4. Respiratory Problems– Snake Plant: Sword likes green leaves with yellow striping, snake plant not only transforms your home into a tropical and foliage paradise but also keeps it fresh and healthy. Snake plant removes toxins from the air that can cause respiratory problems, such as benzene, xylene, toluene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene. Several other air-purifying plants that are ideal to be a part of your home like a spider plant, peace-lily, rubber plant, etc.
  5. Better Concentration and Memory–Rosemary: Stop tossing pills for enhancing memory and concentration because you can do it naturally. All you have to do is get a rosemary plant and take care of it. A study by Northumbria University found that people exposed to rosemary showed signs of better memory and concentration from their counterparts.
  6. Insomnia– Gerberas: Giving you all one more reason to love this colored beauty–Gerberas. This colorful flowering plant removes benzene from the air and produces oxygen that helps is helpful for people having insomnia and sleep apnea.
  7. Dry Skin–Boston Fern: Boston fern is a natural humidifier and air-purifier. Having Boston Fern at home means breathing fresh air and benefiting dry skin if you suffer from, an effect of highly air-conditioned spaces.

The next time you shop indoor plants, look for their health benefits as well. Keep both your homes and health in good condition with plants.