7 Myths Regarding Common Cold And Flu That You Need To Stop Believing Them


Myths about the cold-We always blame the changing weather conditions for making us ill. Also, many people believe that it is not possible to catch a common cold, in any case, more than once in the season of the year. Also, many people believe that taking antibiotics before the freeze to prevent yourself from turning it into the flu. After you read the article, you will not think that these reasons are responsible for the common cold that you experience every changing season.

Here are the myths about the cold and the flu which you should forget about it.

A common cold never turns itself into the flu.

7 myths about the cold and the flu

People believe in some of the myths about the cold that it can turn into flu. The cold and the flu are the reasons for the different viruses. Hence you cannot say that one disease can lead to the other. People always confuse the early signs of the ailments. Here are some features that we will tell you to disease them part.

The starting of the cold is from the sour throat, fever, headache, and from the running nose. A person believes that he will get cold within the next coming three to five days. The flu generally occurs due to a headache, fever, soreness, and muscle aches that happen very quickly.

Cold cannot get treatment from the antibiotics.

Well, the antibiotics cannot cure your cold because the bacterias have a different structure from them. On the top, the medicines will make things worse for you. The symptoms of cold will not go away, and hence the viruses keep on spreading. Also, it is a prohibition to take antibiotics in such cases. It is because your immune system becomes weaker than before. And with this, the viruses get a chance to survive in a good environment for them, and hence medicines become less useful for you.

There is no treatment for your cold.

Well, according to the rules, the cold can survive for three days maximum. But if you will wait for the curing the cold, then it might even increase the complications. It will let you experience the nasty symptoms for the next twenty to thirty days. You must call an ambulance if you experience the shortness of breath or if you find difficult to breathe.

Take sick leave if you experience the cold.

Well, most of the people continue with the work even if they feel low. If you will not relax, then the cool moves on increasing. Hence it is good if you will stay at home for the next two to three days and then go back to work. For the first few days of the cold, you feel contagious, and hence it can even infect many other people. So it is better to stay away from them.

Do not stay on your bed for the whole day.

If you suffer from cold and then you stay on the bed for the whole day, then it might lead to pneumonia. And the blood circulation to different body parts also decreases. Also, you should not go for a workout as soon as you would feel better. But some other activities would not harm you anymore.

Cold air does not cause colds.

Cold can only occur due to the growth of viruses in your body. It will not matter if you wear winter clothes or not. We should not blame AC and winds in such cases. You always think that you got sick after flying, but the fact is not that true. The dry air around you will dry the mucous membrane, and hence it becomes difficult for your body to protect itself from the viruses.

You will not catch a cold if you go outside with the wet hair.

The wet hair and the wind cannot become the cause of the cold. There are other reasons by which it happens. Viruses become strong and viable, and so they survive inside the house for around seven days. Do not go to wearing the same clothes for more than 12 hours a day. Viruses remain of the handle of the door for six hours once get attached to it. We do not let you go outside with wet clothes because it will weaken your immune system.